Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nursing the Muse

This week threw me a major curve ball. Both kids and the husband are down with the stomach bug. Ugh. Somehow, I have managed to evade it (knocking on wood here) and take on nursing duties. However, my life’s been completely turned topsy-turvy. I’ve been taking time off work, cancelling scheduled events and, um, running late on important things, like this blog post. So sorry!

Needless to say, my writing and editing this week has taken a back seat. However, I’ve the writing bug and it’s a chronic condition…if I don’t have a little writing-related connectedness in a day, I’d go stark raving mad (um, yes that’s a level worse than my usual mad-hatterness). Technology has been a boon.

I recently turned in my dinosaur of a cell phone and upgraded to a smart phone. How can a phone be smart? Well, it can do a whole lot more than just let you make and receive phone calls. And, bonus here, I end up feeling like a genius for making the switch. While waiting in line at the grocery store, I can quickly check my e-mails, Facebook and/or Twitter. While cooking in the kitchen and thinking about murder (hey, I’m a writer), I can do a quick internet search about poisonous food.

Facebook and twitter have been wonderful. Just a quick status update, and most of my friends and family immediately know why I’m suddenly so scarce. Also, a quick glance brings me abreast of all the things I care about…like this boat called publishing is still afloat, and what agents are dishing about, and where I can find a $184 cheese sandwich (In the U.K.) and, of course, the Zen thought of the day.

Google Reader lets me keep up with all the blogs I love to read (as bad as caffeine addiction) in a time efficient way. A front page lets you glance through new posts and news items without having to click all over the place or having to visit every single site.

Pen and paper on hand: I’ve been revisiting and rehearsing the story in my head, doodling when I’ve the chance, drawing non-linear, free-form diagrams, jotting down thoughts. I always carry these tools with me. So I can plug into my mind anytime and anywhere.

Of course, I miss the dedicated time I usually spend on editing and writing projects. My early morning hours and my late evening hours are now taken up by three very important patients rather than heroes and heroines, dragons and wizards. That’s okay. At this moment I need to wife, mother and nurse and this is a temporary situation. Meanwhile, I’m nurturing the muse as best as I can and when it’s time, she and I will get to work at full throttle.

I don’t think that day’s too far off. My hubby must be feeling better since he suggested today that I should get one of those short nurse’s uniform.... ;P


Jeanie said...

Life has a way of intruding on us, doesn't it? Sorry to hear about your sickies. I enjoy FB, but I haven't joined the ranks of the tweeters yet. As for blogs, there are several I read every day. Technology is a wonderful thing, but you have to be careful not to get sucked into it to the point you forget to write! Congrats on your new Smart Phone. I would have to get a newer, smarter ME before I could tackle on of those.

M.V.Freeman said...

Having sick family..that is the worst. Hope they get well soon.

I am with Jeanie, I have not joined tweeters, I can barely keep up with what I have.

Have fun with the smart phone, I gave mine up last year. LOL

But, its whatever it takes to keep the muse going! So onward!

RK said...

Thanks for reading and the support! Yes blogs can be a time suck that's why i like the economy of the Google Reader :)

And yes, happy to report the family is bouncing back! Yay!

Christine said...

Hope your family is better soon! You're doing well to stay on top of the social media. And it is another form of writing to me.

I tweet, but only rarely. I tweet my blog posts.

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Had a double post so deleted the second one. :-)

Carla Swafford said...

I resisted getting a smart phone because of the cost. If I get one, I feel I must get my daughter (still at home & in college) one too. But they are neat to have! I like reading tweets from editors and agents but that usually all.