Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Finding Chair Time

OMG! It's true! I WAS a lazy plotter... Since posting last month, I've discovered how much I heart the Three Act, Eight-Sequence Structure (check it out on Alexandra Sokoloff's blog - Index cards are now my new best friend; they allow me to instantly write down an idea for the story or a character.

Now, the tricky part. Like many of you, time is not my friend. I work fulltime and have two little ones at home; squeezing chair time into my daily routine is like trying to save extra money in an already over-extended budget. It rarely happens.

So, how do you fit it into your already overworked schedule? Do you set a minimum timeframe in which to write daily or do you have a minimum work count?


Jeanie said...

Weekly word count for me. I aim for 3500 words a week. Some weeks I make it, some I don't. I work too and it's hard to fit it all in! And I LOVE the index card and screenwriting methods, too. Glad you're finding what works for you, Kat.

Christine said...

I tell myself a half an hour is better than no time at all. I do word count goals when I am in first draft mode. Then I set time goals or I set goals of writing every day, even if it is only one sentence. And I have to reward myself for making to the goal.

I leave my computer open and the doc open that I am working on. This helps me a lot.

Good luck! And thanks for the links.

M.V.Freeman said...

I do a bit of both. When I am writing my MS..its 5 pages a day.

Or like when I am revising the partial It's at least 30 minutes a day. What ever I can squeeze in I try for it.

I've been known to get up early, and drag my computer to work (but that can get iffy).

I've never tried the index card thing. I draw a line and write a word or two..a time line so to speak.

M.V.Freeman said...
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M.V.Freeman said...

Sorry, I had to delete the last post (it double posted) I just wanted to explain...:-)

Heather said...

My work schedule is so unpredictable, I try to focus on having big blocks of time on the weekend to write. I spend down time during the week "plotting" and making notes so that I can hit the ground running on the weekend. However, when there is a Star Wars marathon on cable, all bets are off. I might find the chair time, but it is in a recliner with remote in hand!

LindaC said...

I'm doing the where I write a minimum of 100 words daily and report in to the group. It keeps me straight and I seem to get a lot of work done this way. 100 words is very manageable for me. I usually write more, but 100 words is the minimum.


Kat said...

All good suggestions! I'm going to try setting up my laptop on one of the kitchen counters (this particular area only collects stuff that needs put away) & grab writing time when possible. I also like the idea of 100 words a day - completely doable. Thanks for sharing your methods! I'll let you know how it goes. :)