Saturday, July 10, 2010

While the Kittens Were Away

I've been on an extended vacation with my darling daughter. We left our Northern AL home two and half weeks ago to go visit two colleges, University of Virginia and Princeton, as well as to see our friends and buzz around Washington, D.C. During part of the time we were on vacation, my darling daughter stayed with her best friend's family so my darling hubby joined me in the city and we had a mini-honeymoon (we'll be married 25 years in August). But then it was time to part our ways and darling daughter reunited with me while darling hubby returned home.

While we two kittens were away, darling hubby was left to fend by himself. Some wives go to extreme levels to assist their hubbies with basic household chores while they are gone. I once read an article about three different wives who leave their darling husbands for the summer. They shared their preparations for their husbands' comfort while they were gone. One woman put 5 sheets on top of each other (bottom) so all the husband had to do was pull the top sheet off, put in a basket, and have a clean sheet again once a week! Another had all the meals prepped, frozen and labeled. Now mind you, all these ladies take the children with them, so the darling husbands don't have to worry about childcare.

Confession: I was not listed in that article.

I've hauled out of town with my darling daughter for up to a month at a time. When she was a baby and a pre-schooler, we'd go to Canada and stay with my BF and her children while she housesat her parent's place in Vancouver Island or West Vancouver. Over the years, we've gone all over the USA as well. Just this year, we've gone to Asheville, Duke, DC, VA, NJ and NYC without my darling hubby. When she was younger, and we were poorer, we just hung out and played with the kids or took them to the beach. We wives would work together and all the housework would be completed without any problems. The summers were easy and lazy. But I was still the "parent-in-charge" or PIC as we called it. I wasn't worrying about my hubby having clean sheets while I was gone. Nor was I worried about his belly being full. I had the real job--one where I had total responsibility of a child 24/7.

Confession: When DH had a temporary position up in DC, I was on my own for weeks on end with my 2-4 year old. I developed the utmost respect for single moms/dads and military families with spouses deployed. That was hard!!

Sometimes I wonder what my DH is doing while we kittens are away. My big mouse is at home right now dealing with the cats, one who is 18 and addicted to wet cat food, as well as his job and our house. Here are my thoughts about his life while we are away:

*Laundry: I know he's done laundry. He wanted me to show him how to use the new machines we bought for this house (when I am home, I do it all), but I figured he has a doctorate in physics so he could teach himself the basics. I'm fairly certain he is not sorting his clothes (he confessed this to me). Now I wonder if all his clothes are turning a faint shade of gray.

*Cooking: He's probably not cooking much. He's gone out for dinner with colleagues a few times. Yesterday he had his usual "Scotch Friday at PF Changs"--I don't even ask anymore. He told me he went to Publix and bought ribs, pre-made, to cook in the oven. He's in "man food heaven" and enjoying his meat. I have no idea if vegetables or salads have made it into his stomach. I don't think the caveman diet will kill him, but I'll be glad to see him eat greens when I return.

*Working at Home: I know my DH is missing his MAC book cause he left it in the Reagan Airport so I've been hauling it with me since I retrieved it a week ago. But he's a hunky geek who can't resist working math problems and other such nonsense, so he's probably got a stack of books next to his red reclining chair with doodles and notations on them as well as another laptop to work out his mathematical issues. I know he's glad I'm not there to gripe about the clutter pile next to his chair or, most likely, on the kitchen table.

*Care and Feeding of the Critters: He's been looking after the cats, Mischief and the Dowager Feline Clancy. They're still alive. I hear Clancy crying loudly for more wet cat food whenever I call him, day or night. He threatens to shoot them both, but I know he loves them, too. He's a soft hearted guy when it comes to the critters.

*Household: I don't want to know. I'll see soon enough. But he's relatively neat and clean due to 25 years of training so I am not too worried. The floors will need a bath, but the rest of the house should be okay.

Confession: I had fully intended to dig into the housework and the laundry and the 4th book's revision on Monday after I returned.

But a funny and wonderful thing happened while I was away. I checked my emails while we were in our hotel room last night. I have a request for a FULL for a manuscript I queried to Modern Heat sitting in my email in-box. Even darling hubby posted on my Facebook that I will be "Miss... I - gottta-work-my-a**-off-until-this-is-out-the-door-and-can't-focus-on-anything-else-wife" when I return home. And he's right. He knows me well. But you know what I love about my Mouse in the House? He's happy for me and is very excited for my opportunity. He'll support me in my endeavor.

I'm a very lucky Kitten indeed cause my Big Mouse in the House is a true hero!


M.V.Freeman said...

I've been following your adventures and enjoying them.

It shows the teamwork you have regarding cooking and cleaning--and life. That is the way it should be. (and I will never be listed in the article about preparing meals ahead...or for the sheets...egads)

And that reqeust! I'm so excited for you....This is fabulous! Yay!!!
Keep us posted. --may this only be the beginning!

Congratulations on the 25 years of marriage, that is a gift!

Christine said...

Requests are affirmations. The rest is icing :-) 25 years of marriage is a gift!! He really came through in the clutch for me when I was panicking on I95 about the GPS's wrong directions to Roanoke. Thank God DD had her wits about her--I am soooooooooo ready to be out of my vehicle. 7 hours today--then we are HOME!

MaryC said...

Congrats on the FULL request, Christine. I'm excited for you.

Thanks for the laughs. I just told DH about the 7 sheets. He laughed too. Yeah, he's not expecting that from me either.

Jeanie said...

Christine, congrats on your request for a full! I am so excited for you. When I leave my husband and kids I don't do a darn thing, except make sure there are groceries in the house. At 14 and 19, they can fend for themselves. Plus, they have a grandmother around the corner that takes them out for the occasional meal, which they love!

I know you are excited for your daughter. I sent mine off to college last year, and it was very hard. I cried for weeks. But she is doing great and growing into a wonderful young woman and that is the real pay-off of parenting.

Keep us posted on your writing news!

Christine said...

MaryC: I know! I laugh whenever I think about the extreme poppa care!! Who does this? But to each their own, right? Glad your hubby had a laugh. Mine made me din din tonight... great Mouse!

Christine said...

Jeanie: Awe, I hope I don't cry too much, but I bet I will. As much as I know she has to grow up and leave, I know it will be hard to say goodbye. Thanks for the well wishes re: the full. I hope it pans out, but it is at least an affirmation. That's huge for me.

Now, time to clean the kitchen... as I listen to my teen girl yip yack with her dad!

Love their relationship :-)

Louisa Cornell said...

Great post, Christine! Seven sheets on the bed? Sheesh! These women are WAY over-thinking this thing!

My Mom was an Air Force wife for 25 years until my Dad retired from the service. There were many, many months when she had to go it alone with three small kids because Dad was deployed to some exotic locale. It still amazes me how efficient and capable the young woman who'd never been out of Alabama before she married managed to take care of three kids and manage a household, sometimes in places where she didn't even drive a car.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR REQUEST !!! That is FABULOUS news!! Keep us posted. I have a good feeling about this.

Christine said...

Hi Louisa-thanks for the well wishes. And thanks for sharing your story about your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman.

JoAnn said...

Congrats, Christine -- on the request and having a wonderful hubby!

Christine said...

Hi JoAnn--thanks! He was wonderful when we got home. Made us a fabulous steak dinner with salad and a fine bottle of wine for us to share. I'm very blessed. I'm also super happy for you with your sign. I think good things are coming your way!!

Cari Hislop said...

Christine, I love reading about your adventures, you have a talent for painting mental pictures with words!

And congratulations on your manuscript request! That's awesome!

Christine said...

Hi Cari: Thank you very much for your kind words. I had a great time traveling through the USA with my daughter. We still can't believe we made it all the way to NYC and caught a show. Now I'm back to reality and I have work to do. But it's the good kind.

Happy Writing :-)

Talli Roland said...

Great post, Christine!

Congrats on the full - good luck!

Christine said...

Hi Talli: Thanks for the well wishes. I'm crossing fingers and toes--pretty much all appendages. I hope your weekend conference went well--