Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Favorite Brand of Sexy

I don't know about other writers, but when I write a story, it's because I want to read it. I pick characters, settings, situations and emotional conflicts that I want to read about, and then I tell the story so I can find out what happens. I learn a lot about myself with each book. And one thing I've discovered over the course of writing fiction is that my favorite brand of sexy is a red hot Southern boy.

Of course, if I had paid a little more attention to my television and movie viewing choices, I might have discovered that about myself a lot sooner.

It's no coincidence that my favorite character from Lost was Sawyer, the Georgia bad boy who found both love and redemption when he opened himself up to trusting other people and putting their needs before his own. He had me long before he found a way to embrace his humanity and not just his pain. It was partly the dimples but mostly the drawl.

Well before Lost, I fell pretty hard for another Southern bad boy, Remy McSwain, the crooked cop with the decent heart in the New Orleans-set crime thriller The Big Easy. The son of an even more crooked cop, Remy had never really questioned the way things were done among his fellow cops until a smart, honest and vulnerable assistant D.A. showed him the dark and dirty reality of what his corruption could lead to. When Remy chooses honor and honesty over tradition and family lies, it's a deeply satisfying moment.

My newest Southern crush is a little more upright than the previous two examples, although Raylan Givens from Justified has more than his share of demons. Between his daddy issues, his women troubles and his well-earned reputation as a trouble magnet, Raylan is a complicated guy. But let him flash me that sexy smile and say something in that mountain drawl, and I'm willing to take on all his baggage.

As you can see, Southern boys are it for me. I love 'em. Can't get enough. Which explains why my Cooper Justice series features six sexy Southern boys who'll gladly give their lives for family, for honor and for the woman who steal their hearts.

Next up, in my August Intrigue One Tough Marine, Luke Cooper has been living in self-imposed exile from his family for a long time. He has his reasons for staying away, but when the widow of an old friend needs his help, he realizes the only people he can really trust to have his back are his family.

And in September's Bachelor Sheriff, Aaron Cooper assigns himself to play bodyguard to an old high school classmate who's become the target of a killer. Though the football star and the geeky brainiac had hardly been friends, Aaron's not going to let a former classmate die on his watch, and he's willing to put himself on the line to make sure she stays safe. But who knew little Miss Valedictorian would turn out to be so tempting?

How about you? What kind of hero is your catnip? Cowboys? Princes? Sheikhs? Cops? Tell us all about it!


Carla Swafford said...

Cowboys. Something about a man on a horse. He can live in Montana, Texas or Alabama or even California. I don't care. Put the boots, hat, tight jeans on him and him on a horse and you got me.

Paula, LOVE THE BIG EASY! Some people fuss and say his accent isn't right, but I don't care. The gator can get me anytime.

Paula said...

Eh, the accent was close enough. Anyone who watched the fully clothed seduction scene and can quibble about his accent is crazy. ;)

Christine said...

Your men sound delicious and fun. I'm married to a Texan so I definitely like my Southern Man.

Callie James said...

I like 'em all. I'm curious, though, if I prefer some heroes over others because there's something about him I'm lacking in my life or myself, or because there's something in him I can relate to.

Maybe it's both.

Louisa Cornell said...

I LOVE those Cooper boys, Paula! Just sexy enough to be illegal. I do love a cowboy. There is just something about the walk, the talk and the smile that "melts my butter" as Dolly Parton says.

I write Regency historicals so my heroes tend to be bad boys with lots of baggage or honorable men without a clue!

Jeanie said...

I LOVE me some Josh Lucas in SWEET HOME ALABAMA. When he says, "I was trying to make something of myself," to Reese Witherspoon at the end of that movie, I 'bout die. Sigh. And I also love SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. Let's face it, Southern men rock!

Paula said...

Oooo, I forgot Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama! He had it all over McDreamy, any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Anybody watch Criminal Minds? The New Orleans cop who JJ dates and has a baby with, Will LaMontagne, is adorably sexy, too.

And Memphis Beat has made Jason Lee attractive to me. I've almost completely forgotten My Name is Earl... ;)

Cari Hislop said...

My favorite brand would have to be an Englishman (my Anglo Saxon hero has funny teeth and no hair, but put him in a well cut suit and a good fitting hat and he's a dream come true! ;)

Men who are confident in themselves and comfortable being male are always sexy! I wouldn't be surprised if there's something in the Southern culture that encourages men to be men where as in a lot of other parts of America and other western countries there's this perverse trend to feminize men.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Nathan Fillion of Castle and Firefly is one who has my vote! Oh, and and Tom Selleck in any of his cowboy roles. Heavy sigh!

Paula said...

Mmm, Nathan Fillion.