Monday, July 19, 2010

Homework: Assignment #3

Did you accomplish 10 pages?

I did not. I get a C. I only made it to 7 pages.

Still, I am pressing on.

In view of the fact that Nationals are Looming....I will be lenient.


5 pages written if going to Nationals.
20 pages written if NOT going to Nationals.


Revise 10 pages if going to Nationals
30 pages if not NOT going to Nationals.

Due July 30Th, 2010 (Where many of you will be at RWA conference in Orlando).

Tell me how you've done? Or not?


Christine said...

I managed to get my revisions done and mailed last week. I've been working on my pitch and log lines. I'm missing my manuscript, so I think I'll revise this week for kicks and giggles. It beats the heck out of shopping for a new dress :-P

M.V.Freeman said...

Woohoo! you go Christine!
(Btw I did answer you earlier, but for some reason it did not save....)