Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Day Late & A Dollar Short: Hijacked by Life

Hi Everyone! I've been so busy I missed my blogger deadline for the Romance Magicians. I was supposed to blog on May 5, but I got bogged down and didn't even check blogs online yesterday. Today I'm just coming up for air before I get back into my writing hole. Frankly, the muck and mire still exists and I don't have any *smart* erudite thing to blog or say. Therefore, I've decided to blog about why I'm bogged down.

Here it is in a nutshell:

*distracted to bits and pieces by the life and writing roller coaster of highs and lows

Here it is in long version:

*company for a week
*cleaning for company, cleaning up after company left
*cooking for six
*touring the Southeast and AL with 2 cars, 4 adults and 2 teens
*coping with bad news about a sudden death in my SIL's family
*coping with more bad news about my FIL's declining health and the VA's bureaucracy
*caught up in the news about the flooding in Nashville and worried about friends who live there
*caught up in the news about how the Opryland Hotel was destroyed
*trolling the RWA site for ANY information about the National Conference
*trolling TWITTER and Facebook for more information
*buying supplies
*waiting for CPs to return my rough story sketch
*reading through judge comments and determining which, if any, I can use in the next revision
*rewriting a story sketch for the 4th time
*talking to my CP in Virginia about the Conference (she's a GH finalist) and what we'll do to offset the disappointment if it's canceled
*moderating an online workshop for my sister chapter, Heart of Dixie, for the first time
*fielding emails about who gets what money where and redoing it three times to reflect new students
*getting new students enrolled on Yahoo
*writing more stuff for my story sketch (see how I was writing here?)
*celebrating with my fellow writers when the Conference was saved! Look out Mickey Mouse, here we come
*still plodding along on my story sketch and figuring out what to put where and why include it anyway
*talking to CPs in AL and VA about entering another MS in the category romance section of the MAGGIES (yes, I'll do it--nothing to lose)
*booking my flight to Orlando (woohoo!)
*explaining to my DH and my DD why I absolutely DON'T WANT THEM IN ORLANDO WITH ME for the conference
*moderating online workshop and trying to learn stuff
*printing certificates
*mailing certificates
*going to the dance studio to watch my DD dance before I watch her dance at the recital
*missing one dance and staying for another dance
*more writing and emailing of story sketch to final CP for poking holes into the story
*ten loads of laundry including sheets and towels
*grocery shopping and cooking for three again
*sunshine and blue skies making me want to play and not work at all
*reading for pleasure in the sunshine
*writing, there's always writing
*wondering why I am writing when this business is so tough
*still writing

Oops! I forgot to blog on my blog date!!

But I hope you all can forgive me after reading my list of reasons :-)


Peggy Webb said...

Wow, Christine. Your list makes my head spin.

It's all too easy to get highjacked by life. Take it from an old pro (25 years of writing and still going strong): the trick to keep from getting sidetracked is to view writing and blogging as your "job." If you drove off to work every day, you couldn't tell your boss you had to stop to do laundry or bake cookies or escort people all over Alabama. You'd be at your job. Sickness, death and natural disasters will, of course, happen. But set aside time that is scared and belongs only to you. Then use it to write. Even if you don't have a deadline, write, write, write. I hope that helps. :)

Christine said...

Oh, I totally agree Peggy! I usually am very focused but a lot of balls were getting lobbed at me over the past few days. And I bet even if I put on pantyhose and drove to work this week, I'd be hanging around the water cooler to get "news" or trolling the web for info. I did write a lot-- but blogging fell off my radar screen. Unusual for me but there you have it.

If it weren't for all my other non-writing writing volunteer duties, I'd be golden. And I don't do half of what other volunteers do! The biggest distraction in my life is the email--I hear a pong and I got to check it like I'm Pavlov's dog.

And my DH, while supportive of my writing, isn't all that supportive if it means doing laundry with me at night LOL.

Jeanie said...
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Jeanie said...

Christine, your life sounds as manic as mine. It's a wonder we have any brain cells left to write with. But we have to find the time because we love it and because it's necessary. Write on, girl!

Christine said...

Jeanie, it's true. And now with the dreaded forties as my decade I am losing nouns on a regular basis. While my brother was here I was standing in front of the pantry, door open, and he asked what I was looking for. I replied, "My missing nouns."

I managed to write a lot re: the current MS story sketch, but totally forgot to blog. Must mark my calendar and make it clear to remind me!

Carla Swafford said...

You said, "rewriting a story sketch for the 4the time
writing more stuff for my story sketch
writing more stuff for my story sketch
writing, there's always writing
still writing"

That's all good.

Christine said...

Carla: You're so right. I was writing and rewriting stuff amidst all of this. Oh, and talking about the writing and the rewriting to make sure my story had bones.

Writing--just not blogging in time. I put the next month's blog date in my iPhone Calendar. I won't be late :-)

Louisa Cornell said...

Great blog Christine and great advice Peggy!!

It's been a heckuva week here. My car died on Saturday. My 18 year old dog died on Sunday. On Monday found out my car was REALLY dead as in it would cost more to fix than the car is worth. Shopped for a new car and bought one, thanks to my buddy, Tammy Lynn, who found the perfect car online and then chauffeured me to look at it. Thanks, girl! I owe you one.

And through it all I really have to remember that taking time to write is NOT something I need to feel guilty about. Even when my house is a wreck and I have laundry to do and dogs to bathe and all of these other things.

Right now, because I am not published I think I sometimes see my writing as entertainment, an extra. And is isn't. I love it. I want to do it for a living. And I think I need to remember that if I want to do it for a living I'd better do it as often and as much and as well as I can. (Sounds like I should be a writer or a hooker. I'll go for writer. Less wear and tear.)

Christine said...

Louisa-I'm so sorry about your dog! Hugs ((()))))
I had a car die on me and had to replace the thing with a new one for the same reason. Sounds like you got a nice one with the help of your friend. Way to go.

You cracked me up with the "hooker or writer" statement. But you know writers are all "hookers" when they make those pages turn on scene hooks :-)