Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning - two words that have never sounded at all like music to my ears. Don't get me wrong. It's a great concept. All that dusting and vacuuming and mopping... Sorting through the old and bringing in the new. And don't forget the outdoors. The planting and mowing and trimming - well, you get the idea. And I so love it when it's finished. All appears brand new, fresh and alive, with the oldness of winter scraped and bagged away so that the newness of spring can burst through. But there's a lot of hard work between those first two words and the end. Uhmm... sounds a bit like writing a novel, doesn't it?
Two words. Definitely enough to spark an idea for that brand new tale. An idea that morphs into an exciting plot with a hero-to-die-for and a heroine he just can't-and won't-live without. A story so magical that we can't wait to type those words onto those pages every day, to share the adventures of those special people we've created in our minds and in our hearts.
Does spring do this for you? Stir in you a renewed passion for storytelling? For some reason, this spring more than most, it has for me. I'm excited about writing again. More so than I have been in quite a while. How about you?
(Now if I could only say the same about spring cleaning:)


Jeanie said...

Marie, I am with you. It's hard not to be inspired when everything around you is all shiny and new. I take the rural route to work each morning, rather than slamming down Highway 231 with the rest of the Elmore County commuters. Not only is there less traffic, but it's serene and peaceful, my own little zen moment to begin the day. This morning, I passed between two big fields covered in neon yellow clover. The cows in the pasture were grazing and it was so beautiful I wanted to linger there.

So, yes, spring can be a renewal of all kinds of things, including our own creative energies. I must admit, however, my rebirth hasn't extended to the homestead. The house still looks like it threw up.

Fall cleaning, anyone?

Callie James said...

Cleaning is very much like starting a book for me. I don't want to do it because I'm looking at the big picture instead of taking one chapter at a time (or room). But once I get started, doing a little here and a little there, things start coming together.

I'm so glad you're feeling enthusiastic about writing again, Marie. I truly hate those funks, when you want turn to something you've always loved and it just isn't that anymore. I think the love/hate thing is common for most writers. And I'm so glad you're back!

Cari Hislop said...

I hate cleaning. I normally pander to my laziness by telling myself my house is cleaner than the one I grew up in (not hard considering I don't have kids and my mom had seven) but Providence stepped in and put paid to the "I wouldn't eat off the counter, but it looks clean" mentality. Last Thursday I went down stairs early evening to the kitchen and found a mouse running over the counter top. I was totally grossed out so I made a note to clean the kitchen in the morning and went back upstairs. I went down to the kitchen later and the mouse was once again on the counter. (I'd never before seen any evidence of mice on the counter before that day) The next day I went out and bought four mouse traps and the mouse went the way of all living and then I blitzed the kitchen (it needed it). Now I can eat off the counter. (The mousetraps will remain for future smarty-pant mice).

I was so inspired by my clean kitchen that I blitzed my bedroom and work room. Unsurprisingly I've got some really good writing done this week. I'm finally closing in on the ending of one of my books. I can see the end and it feels so good. I think having a clean environment always helps. Now if only I can remember this piece of wisdom.

M.V.Freeman said...

Spring cleaning, I agree evokes many things in my brain. Currently, it reminds me of my revisions and building something new out of the old.

I love the feeling.