Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good morning, fellow Magicians

Good morning, fellow Magicians,

I'm blogging to you this morning from the amazingly beautiful Big Sky Mountain in Big Sky, Montana. Although the locals bemoan the fact that there has been so little snow this year - only about 3-4 feet total when they usually average 150 inches or so - this born and bred Alabama girl is awestruck. The drifts are taller than me. For example, one of the guys in our group stepped off the driveway and sunk to his chest (he's about 6'2" tall.) And to top off the perfect mountain vacation, it's been snowing since about 7:30 this morning with more predicted later today, tonight, and tomorrow. Absolutely gorgeous. Don't let me fail to add bitingly cold. Treacherously windy. To the degree tha I may have to abandon my pitiful attempts to ski in favor of sitting in front of the blazing fire and sipping hot chocolate. Ah, what a sacrifice.

But what has this to do with writing, you ask? Well, not only does my imagination soar when I'm away from the hospital, but this location abounds with plot ideas. I'm absorbing wonderful fodder for countless adventures. Shall I murder a member of our party and bury their body in a snowdrift? How about if I shove some poor unsuspecting soul from the ski lift at its highest peak and claim an accidental fall? Have a serial killer mascarading as a snowshoe trail guide lead a group deep into the mountains only to abandon them to the mercy of the elements? Did I mention that the powers that be have already closed Yellowstone National Park this year because the bears are waking up early? Early and hungry?

And from the romantic comedy angle, even our experienced snow skiers are slipping and falling on hidden patches of ice and crusty snow. One sustained a black eye the very first day. Not that his black eye was funny but he has endured quite a bit of ribbing about the incident. And so on, and so on...

So if your current works in progress involve whiteout conditions, trail guides with ulterior motives or simply sitting in front of real log-popping fires (no gas logs allowed), email me with any questions you might have. The group of people with us have skied for years at a multitude of resorts and are great drifts of information (pun intended). But, please, no skiing instruction or advice. My body can't take anymore. At this point, I'm off to don a pair of showshoes and see how far I get with this winter sport. If I'm absent from the next meeting, send out the ski patrol or the rangers:)


JoAnn said...

Beautiful, Marie! From one Alabama girl who still gets a tingle of excitement every time flurries are forecast to another -- I'm jealous!

Callie James said...

Sounds marvelous! I love the Big Sky!

Jeanie said...

Holy cow, Marie, you lucky dog you! Be careful on the slopes. A friend of mine at work went to Tahoe a few weeks ago and blew out her knee.

I can see, though, how and why such a fabulous place could inspire a myriad of new writing ideas. Take notes, please! And have fun . . .although that part's redundant.

And hot chocolate, drink lots and lots of hot chocolate.

M.V.Freeman said...

LOL, fun Marie,
I'm a cross country skier myself..but haven't done it in a very loooong time. I dislike down hill skiing.

I spent my childhood in Minnesota, and deep snow is fun. (for two weeks) then I'm all for it going away...and like Jeanie says..drink hot chocolate!

I love your ideas do you have some new plots? :-)

Louisa Cornell said...

Oh wow, Marie, you lucky thing! I've never been to Big Sky country! It sounds gorgeous!

And I agree with Jeanie! Take care on the slopes. I lived in Germany/Austria for three years as an adult and I did both mountain climbing and skiing in the Austrian Alps. I got through the mountain climbing without a scratch. The skiing was another story! No broken bones, but I did prove that a short girl from Alabama makes an excellent snow ball when she takes the slopes for the first time. Glad I had the skis on as they were the only thing sticking out once my friends found me!

Great story ideas. Snow is the perfect clean slate on which to write. Have fun and stay warm!

Gwen Hernandez said...

What a great inspiration. I love traveling, and practically grew up on downhill skis, but haven't done it in ages. Have a wonderful time!

Marsha Lockom said...

I always feed my muse with real life adventure and then her imagination takes over -- so glad to peer into your writer's thought process; I feel like I'm not alone! Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

This is a lovely picture!
Great post!!