Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day (The Movie)

Today my husband and three of his friends are heading off to Double Head Resort for a day of macho camaraderie. He tried to make me think he didn't want to go--after all, it was an obligation he couldn't get out of--or so he said. He would be attending the final event of a western shooting conference. He made it sound like a shooting demonstration. He was going mainly because his friends asked, not that he was really interested.

Then, I found out the truth. The event starts with a chuck wagon competition. Participants pay a fee and they get to eat at the chuck wagon of their choice. In the meantime, judges sample the fare at each wagon and declare a winner. Then it is on to the shooting event. I envisioned somber marksmen lined up and dutifully shooting clay pigeons out of the air. No, No, my friends, this is not your stodgy shooting demonstration. Here, grown men, dressed as cowboys, and the requisite bad guys of the old West, creep around a fake western town and try to ambush each other. Come on, what man has grown out of the thrill of playing cowboys, especially with hats and boots and real guns?

Not to be outdone, I called up the wives of these very same men and invited them out to an all-girls movie event. For once we weren't taking the desires of our spouses into consideration when picking the movie. It should come at no surprise that we picked a saccharine romantic comedy made up of exceptionally attractive people, many of them shirtless males? I have rationalized it all by telling myself that I am doing research for my current work in progress. Yah, that's it, research.

We'll have to compare notes to see who had the best day. I suspect we will both downplay the fun that we had. Not only will, boys be boys, but girls will also be girls, when left to their own devices.


Jeanie said...

Love it! I think a little one-on-one time with your girlfriends can be the best therapy ever. Rejuvenates you and helps you cope with being Mom/Wife/Cook/Housekeeper/Grocery Buyer/Vet/Therapist and writer, to name a few.

I love the idea of these guys playing cowboys. Hilarious! Sounds like a hoot. And sometimes, as much as we love them, we need a break from our guys.

As for the shirtless males, yowzah, all about that, too. I watched Wolverine with my husband last night and nearly came off the couch, broken ankle and all, when Hugh Jackman came out of that tank of water in all his muscular, naked glory. Holy cow, that's a lot of man!

Excuse me, I have to go fan myself.

Christine said...

I think I may have to organize a ladies' night at the movies for research purposes--did I read correctly? Shirtless attractive men? Awesome!

M.V.Freeman said...

HA! Wonderful,
I fully promote these activities on both sides...LOL

I actually thought it would be fun to do the Cowboy they let cowgirls in? :0)

Now..lovely men who are shirtless..yes..

and Jeanie, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is TOP on my list!
Christine, I'd come! ;-)

JoAnn said...

Okay, this is showing my age, but my first thought was "City Slickers"! HA!

Hope you enjoy your evening with the girls!

Christine said...

Ladies: I have WOLVERINE at home. I saw it on MOTHER'S DAY.... woot! And I have it here... big screen TV, popcorn, wine, women & Wolverine.... *sigh*