Sunday, January 17, 2010

Out of Control

The New Year is well upon us. Resolutions have been made and quite possibly in some cases, already broken only to be pledged again when this year comes to a close. But not by me. Not yet, anyway.
Not that I'm in the least unusual or special, mind you. I've made my share of promises to myself, quietly, each January only to lose my determination and my focus and watch them fade away just as quietly long before the new of the year has worn off. This year I've vowed to be different. I've vowed to take my writing much more seriously, improve my craft, finish this manuscript, and submit it, only to begin another. And I've started with quite a bang.
Four online writing classes in January. What was I thinking? You all know me - the one that you'd better pick up the phone and call if you want to communicate with because I don't even read my home email on a regular basis. So how did I think it was possible for me to keep up with four online classes - oh, yes, the new me. The newly, re-invented, stick-to-my-good-intentions me. But even so - four online classes? Okay, calm down, I counsel myself. Just because email is flying over here like grains of sand in a dust storm is no reason to panic. I can handle it - you know, the new me. Just pick a class - any class - and begin. Take it one step at a time. Save, copy, and paste those other lessons for next week, next month and beyond. I can do this.
And I have. So far. It's not pretty, but pretty was not one of my resolutions. Writing better was.
So how about you? How are those resolutions coming, this 17th day of 2010?


Jeanie said...

January started off with a bang for me. I have been sending out query letters on my paranormal in small batches. Received two whiplash rejections, one request for a full (yippee!) and total silence on the rest.

While I had every intention of starting book two in the same series, instead I have veered off that path and into a different but exciting adventure, a paranormal I am writing with a friend. Never tried to write so much as a post-it note with another person, (and neither has she!) so this is a grand experiment for both of us. So far, the creative buzz is terrific, and I have high hopes of us finishing this baby in record time. Then it's time to backtrack and start on Book Two of the first series.

Have also entered a contest this month and plan to attend Silken Sands. If the rest of the year pans out like January, it should be one heck of a busy ride!

Never tried on on-line course. Maybe one day!

Christine said...

I started off trying to write 2000 words a day to stretch a category intended MS to ST. Ha ha. First of all, it's a revision (slapping head now). Second of all, I have to change the structure (bringing out a big stick). And third of all, it's January (writing letter S on my forehead for "silly" now). January is a very disrupted month for me: school breaks till the 5th, snow days (huh in AL?), and a holiday as well.

And then there's DH's upcoming hip replacement. I am going to three doctor/hospital prep appointments this month with him.

Scaling back my expectations? Oh yeah.

M.V.Freeman said...

Doing well.
Lets just say, I'm moving damned the consequences...

You can do this Marie! :-)

Jeanie said...


Sorry about your DH's hip replacement. With me, working full time and having two children, it's one step forward and two steps back with writing. The pundits say write every day, but that doesn't always happen for me! I have bursts of creative output and then nada.

So don't panic if you have a slow month. It happens. You'll catch back up to speed!

I think it's wonderful and exciting to have goals!

Christine said...

I'm going to join Danniele's idea for writing -- write ANYTHING every day for one month (30 days). Even if it is just a paragraph or reorganizing the WIP. I feel if I take that approach, it's doable. Sometimes I want to bite off a big hunk and it's liable to choke me.

Callie James said...

Wow. It's depressing. I seem to be too busy wrapping up too many things to sit and write for any decent period of time. BUT, now that we're done taking books for the Gayle Wilson Contest, I'm starting today and intend to write at least 3,000 words.

So I need to get off this blog...

Marie Campbell said...

Wow, ladies. Simply put, you all inspire me. Your accomplishments and adventures have the rebound effect of making me more determined than ever. I guess that's what we do. Inspire each other. Support each other. Applaud each other.
Yeah, Southern Magic!

Christine said...

Marie: we couldn't work on this mad obsession if we didn't have people to cheer our efforts toward publication! Great post!