Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Not So Serious Resolutions List

Okay, I admit it and I confess right now: I was so busy developing my goals, coordinating a contest category, cleaning out the pantry (very frightening--I think the crumbs were multiplying like rabbits), organizing my husband's upcoming surgery and doctor schedule that I lost track of my blogger duties for Romance Magicians.

So, because my brain cells went on a cruise while I cleaned the pantry, I've come up with a quick and easy blog post dedicated to the "Not so Serious Resolutions" which I hope you all will add to and enjoy.

In 2010 I resolve to:

*laugh every day
*stay away from lint
*hide my toilet cleaner and brush
*avoid tight clothing for at least a ... ahem... given the poundage... 2 months
*drink a medicinal dose of wine every day (dosage varies according to aggravations incurred)
*stock up on wine for the month of February (that's when DH, the world's worst patient, has surgery)
*learn to love dust
*avoid negative people
*hang out with fun people
*love even when tested
*avoid asking the Gods for patience as that's when it will be tested most
*walk away from unmade beds

Well, that's my not so serious resolution list...

Join in and add to it!

Happy 2010 All!!


Callie James said...

Mine is to learn to relax. Sounds stupid but true.

Callie James said...

And please keep us posted in February on your hubby.

Christine said...

callie: i just cut off my tip of my index finger... left hand cooking injury... next resolution... learn to type with gauzed finger... good times...

Marie Campbell said...

Just how much of that medicinal wine have you had today? No, really, I hope your finger is okay. And this year I made some serious resolutions - but I was smiling when I made them so we'll just have to see:)
Marie Campbell

Christine said...

i hate to admit it but the injury might be related to wine consumption... OR super obsessive chopping.... You pick...

M.V.Freeman said...

Love the list!
I want to add-
-Laundry does not have to folded daily. Or even weekly depending on the case (like my house) LOL

now about that chopping injury, you can think of it as a good thing--you don't have to cook for a few days!
Bad--typing will hurt!
Hang in there!!!

Christine said...

i still managed to cook, but dishes... nope.. no rinsing LOL....
not folding laundry... love it!

Jeanie said...


Sorry about your boo boo. Sounds like a good excuse to me not to cook. Work it, girl.

Love the list, especially the bit about avoiding negative people. A real joy and creative juice drainer.

I, too, have some excess post holiday binge poundage to lose. Back on a low carb diet and into the gym. Grimness awaits.

Patience and faith, must work on both of those this year. As for the other, you mean you're supposed to do laundry on a weekly basis? I just wait until we can't open the laundry room door. Then I know it's time.

Christine said...

Jeanie: you crack me up! Ha ha... yes, laundry does occur here on a regular basis only because I base it on underwear needs (yeah, TMI but there you have it). Actually, I don't mind cooking, but dishes... oh, I am milking it...

here's to a fabu 2010!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Love it, C. Sorry about your digit!

Years ago I resolved to stop ironing, and I've rarely broken that one. *grin* Downy Wrinkle Release is my best friend.

I promise to only dust for company, and vacuum only if the dirt or dog hair are visible.

And, once we move, I'll replenish my stock of houseplants. I need more green around me all day.


Christine said...

Oh Gwen you are so on the mark re: the ironing. Tho' oddly I am a closet ironer. :O

I love to iron... wash, dry, fold, put away? nope, not so much....

As for plants? Visit. I don't keep real ones. My daughter mocks my lack of plant keeping skills. But she's still alive so something is going right....

finger hurts... such a PAIN.

Jeanie said...

I have a black thumb. It is a cruel thing to give me house plants - a sure death sentence. I do manage to keep a few flowers alive in the spring in summer in pots in the yard, but no house plants.

Gwen Hernandez said...

I pretty much go with houseplants that warn me if they need water. Peace lilies and pothos are great. They droop, you add water, they perk.

I once left a pothos in my car during a move. All but a few leaves turned black. I cut them off, kept watering the few that remained, and within a few months it was good as new. The same thing happened to the one plant we brought along this time (a peace lily), and it's filled back in really well.

I'm all about easy, but I must have the green! ;-)

Christine said...

I once had a philodendron that stayed green and I never watered it. I think it petrified or something. When we moved, I could lift the entire plant out of the planter and I threw it away.

I love green but I don't keep live plants in the house out of mercy to them. It's like sparing their lives. I do being in cut flowers a lot. I love a vase filled with color.

Oh, that could be another resolution: buy more bouquets at the grocery store.

Sherry Werth said...

Love the list, Christine! Sorry about your finger. I hate paper cuts, so I'm sure an injury like yours would have me bedridden! LOL

Christine said...

Hi Sherry! Yes, this is quite a little pain in the *** but I will survive. Glad you liked the list. Perhaps I should add this to it: avoid sharp objects. LOL

marthawarner said...

I am another one who can kill any plant within range. Once I killed a poinsetta. Do you know how hard that is to do? LOL!

I am adding "no snow shoveling" to the list... ;)

Hope that finger heals fast! Take care.

=) Martha

Christine said...

No snow shoveling! Yeah! And today I added: No going out in the cold weather. That should keep indoors for weeks. We're having the worst winter weather. And snow in the forecast for Thursday night. Blech.

My finger is doing better. I put it into a smaller bandage so I can type easier.

Oh, I know what I can't do for awhile: clean the kitty litter. Oh joy! At least I'm out of that chore for bit.

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