Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sometimes we get so busy with our writing, work, and family that we forget how much is going on around us, especially when we’re waiting for that special email or phone call. We're so focused on that one thing that each day can seem like forever. In fact, some days (like TODAY) it feels as though time has stopped.


I’m in the moooood again to generate a bit of momentum among the Southern Magic Bloggers. Consider this another shout-out asking all of you to share what you’re doing with your writing career. This is the time of year the publishing houses and agencies get into full swing. Let’s jump in and take advantage. Get that book done. Get those submissions out.

Me? I’m writing and waiting. My two favorite things. Obviously writing is something I love, but you may be questioning my sanity on the waiting. Simply put, I think of waiting the same as I do rejection letters. I’m putting myself out there and I’m submitting. Which is better than doing nothing.

I’m writing at least 5,000 words a week (and will be finished with this current book by Thanksgiving). I’m waiting to hear results on two contests (maybe you’ve heard of The Linda Howard AoE? Of course you have). I still have to send two entries into the Golden Heart. I have full manuscripts with two agents and two editors. I have a partial with another. So when I’m not writing, I’m waiting. And waiting.

And waiting.

Waiting is a good thing.

It is.

No, really.

BUUUUUT, on days like today when waiting feels like slogging through life in slow motion, I need a little help from my writing friends. So I’m counting on my writing peeps today to give me updates. Fuel the blog fire! Let me know what you’re doing!

I want EVERY morsel. Contest hopes. Agent submissions. Editor requests. Conference plans. Reeeaaders Luncheon???

(SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Southern Magic Readers Luncheon / November 7, 2009 at the Homewood Library / Please see for further details.)

Okay, let’s have it. I want details!

I’ll wait.


Christine said...

I am busy over here, Callie. I had written 6 chapters --averaging a chapter a day. I sent the first five off, knowing I had a lot to do to save my story. The characters are wonderful, the writing is strong, but the S/L got lost in the shuffle. Maddening really.

I got my CPs' comments back and totally agree with them. I had a moment of despair. For every time I solved a problem for X, I discovered a problem with A, B, C.... you get the picture.

Sat down with my COMPLETE GUIDE TO HEROES AND HEROINES and brainstormed for 4 hours... gobs and gobs and gobs of goop to work with now. Plus my CP in VA chatted with me and we hammered out the inciting incident. Soooooo back to the trenches I go.

I have one MS sent off to the GH. I have this hunk of junk/WIP to ready for the GH (won't be as ready except for the first 50 pages LLLLLLoLLLLL). I have two fulls with two agents, sent 5 queries out to agents, got one rejection today. Sending another query out to another agent today.

Brainstorming more with the BREAKING INTO FICTION book for the current POS.

So I am where you are-working and waiting and entering contests.

Speaking of contests I wanted to enter the LH but didn't have anything fresh to send. Next year! And I am waiting for some more judges so my category can get all it's entries judged.

The beat goes on.

Callie James said...

Talk about momentum. Wow, Christine! You're busy!

This is wonderful to hear. I think it's so important to keep something out there at all times. And you're lucky to have this great CP!!

Christine said...

Karen's my main girl for hashing it all out, but I was equally fortunate to hear from two other wonderful new writing friends who were kind enough to give me real critique. When all three pretty much agree, it's time to pump air into the wheels of my story.

Well, back to the work at hand.

Jeanie said...

Callie, I'm in revision hell with DEMONS IN DIXIE, trying to slash 9,000 words from the manuscript and get it polished up for submission to the Golden Heart. (Almost 5,000 cut so far!) I am a finalist in the paranormal category of the Golden Pen, and so I'm waiting on news from that. I pitched the book at the RWA, and sent off a partial to an agent and am waiting on that. I also entered the Linda Howard, so I'm waiting on that one, too.

Waiting and writing, the two 'w's.

M.V.Freeman said...

I am in revision hell. I hope to have the first revision done by Dec.

My goal of another book written by Jan...HAHAHAHA not this year.

I did go and enter the Linda Howard Contest.

Otherwise its the day job, and my family (who seem to be getting sick WAY too often).

I try and write in bits an pieces...more like bits....

No Readers Lunch for me, gotta WRITE. Although I would have love to come. :-)

Callie James said...

Jeanie, why the specific word count slash?

Just curious.

Callie James said...

Oh Mary, we'll miss you! I wish you could make it.

Although I understand.

Since my last book only took four months to write, I aspired to writing 3 this year. Alas, the current one has taken way too long. So it'll be one finished book and a revision of another.

Such big hopes.

Christine said...

I know your pain, Callie!!!
Can't wait to see all I can at the RL.

Carla Swafford said...

I have a full of a paranormal romance with an editor and a full of a romantic suspense with an agent. The same romantic suspense is with another agent but as a partial.

I've been in withdrawal from not entering a contest since June. So I've entered the Golden Heart...once again.

Presently bouncing from one WIP to another.

Callie James said...

Yay! So many of us entered in the Golden Heart! Southern Magic rocks!

Jeanie said...


The rule of thumb, or so I've been told, is that the top end word count for a paranormal
is 110,000. Finished mine was 119,000 (I'm a wordy little beyotch), so I've set out to cut nine thousand words to make it more marketable. Obviously, if I were Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, I could write as many words as I wanted and not worry about selling the thing. But, as an unpublished unknown wannabe I have to follow the rules if I want to get published . . . and I do!

Louisa Cornell said...

Everyone is SO busy and that is great! I am right there in revision hell with my peep, Jeanie. Revising The Raven's Heart to get it to my agent. Then I have to finish The Deceit of Desire in time to get it into the Golden Heart fray.

My progress is slow that's for sure.

The DDJ is really interfering with my writing, but unfortunately it does pay for the luxuries like living indoors, running water and food.

I've already got my next book in mind and sketched out. If I could just finish these!