Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Do You Write Romance?


Christine said...

Because I can have pictures of Hugh J all over my house, buy Wolverine, and drool.... without a second glance from the family.


Louisa Cornell said...

What Christine said !! What's not to love about naked Hugh Jackman butt??

I write romance because there's always a happily ever after and forever lasts well ... forever.

I love to write Regency historical romance because it allows me to live in a gentler more gracious time, wear beautiful gowns and go to balls and parties and like Teresa Medeiros said "Fall in love with a handsome, rich, titled man every year!"

I write romance because I can't NOT write.

Cari Hislop said...

I loved watching the video so much I went and watched some more on youtube. They made me laugh! I always enjoy listening to other writers talk about their experiences and hearing how they've had similar experiences to my own. Why do I write romance? Because I was born to! ;)

I remember being a small child and playing with my dolls in endless soap operas. My dolls were very forward thinking. I even had interspecies marriages! If Benjiman the bear or my red elephant fell in love with a Barbiedoll who was I to say it was wrong? Come to think of it, my stuffed animals were always male. I never realised that before.

I love romance. I have other stories waiting to be written that aren't romances, but I suspect my stories will always have a romantic element. I wouldn't be able to keep it out!!! :)