Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have been thinking about my posting on this blog for the past couple of days. I can usually be found doing this twice a month, just before my post is due. This month I have been interrupted to the point where I am frustrated enough to notice it. Okay, I admit it--I am not a quick study. Still, after at least seven separate attempts to plot out my blog, I'm giving up and sharing my frustrations with you.

First, there was the knock on the door. I sit in my office facing the front of the house and I can see who is coming up the walk. He appears. A nicely dressed middle aged man in a business suit with an important looking portfolio of papers approaching the door. I stop and answer the door, only to find out he is promoting some brand of religion. Oops, got me this time, but never again.

Next, my husband emerges from the depths of the basement, where his office is located, to reply to my four hour, earlier, request to take the dogs for a walk. Now he was ready. This was interruption number two.

Later that evening I sat down, confident I wouldn't be bothered when I heard him snoring rhythmically in the front room with a sci-fi film blasting in the background. Enter the three amigos; better known as my four footed kids, Sasha, Kris Kringle and Meggie. Usually, they will lounge at my feet. Not this time. They demanded to go out. I considered ignoring them but last time the results of ignoring one of them had me dancing around with the carpet cleaner until the wee hours of the morning.

Third interruption had to be the charm. Surely there would be no more. No such luck. Each time I sat down over the next couple of days I was stopped from fulfilling my goal of crafting the perfect blog. So, is it any surprise that my post rambles on about nothing? I didn't think so, and by the way, my husband just called out asking what I was doing. It seems he wants to go somewhere or do something but I couldn't quite catch it all because I have closed the door to try to get some privacy.

As writers, interruptions are an expected part of the territory. What is your most memorable interruption?


Callie James said...

Ha! Diane, this is totally the Seinfeld of blogs. A blog about nothing (but it was a cute read).

My least interesting interruption is my beagle who loves to hear me grumble when I get interrupted. He knows I can't ignore his scratch on the door (or suffer the same carpet cleaning consequences), so he purposely walks outside, sits on the back lawn for a minute, then wants back in. This can go on for hours, which is only proof that I'm a terrible mom in writing when I should be petting or giving treats.

My most interesting interruption. Getting an email from an agent at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night, asking if I indeed received her request for the full.

I'll take that interruption any day.

Lea said...

Great post!

Very familiar, I deal with exactly the same interruptions all the time and it makes staying focused extremely difficult. lol

Diane Richmond said...

Callie: I'd take that late night call/e-mail any time.

Jeanie said...

I don't have any interesting moments like that to share, only that my life is one big interruption! Work and husband and children and dogs and church and telephone and co-workers and life in general. It's a blue wonder I ever get anything done!

Christine said...

hmmm.... interruptions? AAARGH... they occur. But I do try to minimize them.

But I am a mom and a wife and now my evil DD is interrupting me with her iphone needs.


Kate Diamond said...

I don't think my interruptions are particularly memorable, although my cat likes to play a game of "you can reach the door from your desk, so how many times can I go in and out?"

I think I'm too susceptible to stopping work for any little thing. By the time I sit down to write, I'm exhausted, and I have the attention span of a fruit fly.

M.V.Freeman said...

I sure feel your pain.

My most memorable interruption? All of them! LOL

My kids are young so if I do something that remotely indicates my attention has shifted then immediately they do something to clamor for attention---eating a plant, drawing on the get the picture.

Sometimes my writing gets done in seconds....not minutes or hours.

Ah well.