Friday, September 25, 2009

I Need a Hero

I'm in a grumpy mood. Why? Let the laundry list begin:

1) I have less than a week to prep for the MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS Conference in Atlanta and I have been derailed. When will I find time to practice my pitch? Or pack? Or write anything at all? At least my eyebrows, chin and lips are waxed.
2) My daughter has swine flu and influenza B--hence my 1st problem.
3) My house was clean--now it needs disinfecting and there's a lot of extra laundry.
4) I am tired cause I slept on a love seat all night--in other words I didn't sleep.
5) My latest online course has pointed out a major flaw in my writing of heroes and heroines. Great for future stories. Not so great for my current POS. Why even pitch it? See number 1.
6) I'm behind on my homework for the online course.
7) My darling husband doesn't understand that the best way to support me is to nod, say loving things and stay away from the germs--God help us all if he gets sick. I'm talking about the man who literally takes his temperature 3x in a row with three different thermometers to get an AVERAGE!!!! And this is also the man who claimed he "was the sickest" of us all when we all got a horrible stomach virus--not true--ask my daughter.
8) I'm desperate to write and have nothing to give. The well is empty.
9) I believe I am the world's worst contest category coordinator and am suffering horrible bouts of guilt.
10) The scale went up.

What I need is a hero.


Nannette said...

OMG can I identify? My laundry list is totally different but just as lengthy and irritating! Hope your hero shows up soon. ;-)

Debbie Kaufman said...

I'm there with you, Christine. I went to Montgomery with hubby and locked myself to my alphasmart in the hotel while he was in work meetings. Trying to finish wip for pitching at M & M. Sure it's all just crap. Don't we all think that at these moments?
Please touch base with me at M & M. I'll either be with the One Six photography folks, leading cold reads, or in workshops.

Christine said...

Hi Nannette: I appreciate the understanding. My darling husband has taken the steed to the grocery store and is purchasing bissel detergent for my steam cleaner. Darling Daughter had a wet wash cloth on last night to bring down her fever and the resulting water mark is -- well -- a reminder of much needed cleaning of the sofa--aack.

Christine said...

Debbie: I'd love to see you at the M&M conference. I need to find out who else is going and get phone numbers in my cell.

My WIP is no where near ready--just reset the bones, but the story is good (well I thought it was when I started... now? not too sure)

Naima Simone said...

Oh, Christine! I sooo feel for you...even while I'm rolling on the floor laughing at your husband. They never do understand that's their role, do they? LOL! Help is on the way, don't you fear, though! If you can't write, dream while washing and drying about that next hero and how delicious he is. You have the best attitude in the world and will come through this shining!! Hope your daughter feels much better soon!!

Christine said...

Naima: Yes, they think it's helpful to tell us we shouldn't sleep on the sofa cause we don't want to contaminate freshly washed sheets and wash them all over again--soooo funny. Seriously, if I can get him to stay healthy, I will be a happy girl.

My DD is doing better. Tamiflu is very effective against this Pig Plague--now I have to keep vigilant for me. I'm going to ask for a prescription from my doctor just in case I need to fill it for me.

I did do thank you notes for my MAGGIE judges today. They are so generous and their comments are very helpful.

Callie James said...

Christine, you have a great attitude (humor works wonders during these times). And stuff always gets in the way so don't beat yourself up on that coordinating stuff. Just communicate lots with Carla. Everything will be fine as long as we keep those lines of communication open, and you have.

As far as the pitch? You're talking to the loser of pitching so I can't help you there.

You will be fine! Breathe!

And good luck at M&M!

Christine said...

Callie--thanks for your kind words. I am looking forward to the M&Ms and I keep reminding myself, I can fix the first 50 pages of the WIP for submission by the end of November so I can pitch the story from there. I have the third book to pitch as well--so--I did okay with it at Nationals--will practice next week.

I know I will muddle thru' coordinating the contest. It'll all work out--thanks to all the other coordinators and Carla's help.

Now, I get to fold laundry--woot!

Louisa Cornell said...

Husbands are definitely a breed apart, Christine! I know you'll knock their socks off in Atlanta. Just see that trip as the light at the end of a swine infested tunnel!

Yes, my perfect hero would do laundry, clean house, wash dishes, clean litter boxes, scoop poop from dog runs and cook great meals while I sit at my computer and write. At this point he wouldn't even have to be good in bed. If he as good with a dust rag and an iron I would be in heaven.

That swine flu is nothing to sneeze at. It took me down for over a week.

Hope everyone is feeling much better soon. If all else fails try my Mom's trick. Hose everything and everybody down with Lysol. I swear that woman carried a can of Lysol in her purse through most of my childhood!

Christine said...

Louisa--thanks for painting the picture of a perfect hero--a WIFE! Haha. I'm laughing so hard. And sorry you had this one. Blah. Tho the tamiflu does work well and darling boo is feeling much better.

Lysol--I have sprayed it all over the house! Good stuff... and now it has the lovely clean linen scent. No gross smells.

Now--back to the pig plague trenches.

M.V.Freeman said...

((HUGS)) Christine,

I need a hero too!

Here is my advice:
1) Breath deep.
2) Duct tape (not sure what you'd use it for, but duct tape is great for everything!)
3) Wine
4) I agree with everyone else--Humor!

LOL, I LOVE That song by the way.

You are going to and are doing great!

(Did I mention, I cannot help but cheer on fellow writers?)

Christine said...

Awe, Mary! Duct tape... I can think of soooo many interesting uses LOL> not all are sexy. :P

wine is helping

DH has settled ....

Love all my romance writing buds... you all are the best XO

Cari Hislop said...

That video made me laugh! Everytime I see that show I can't but help thinking the whole time how bad Robin Hood must have smelled wearing those same clothes day after day...

As for your incredibly stressful situation...
A) Don't get on the scale!

B) Make a list of most important things in order most important down and then deal with them in that order...if writing and conference come at the bottom c'est la vie. Better to not have a heart attack and live to write another book then die of stress! At least that's my philosphy...but I've taken my calming pills and they've kicked in...if I were you I'd be so stressed I'd probably be a wreck... Good luck!

Christine said...

Cari--thanks for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it. I decided not to worry about what I couldn't do and just work on what I can. I do want to work on my workshop homework cause I KNOW it will improve my writing, but I am more concerned about the conference (and staying healthy). So now that darling daughter's daughter's bday is finished for another year, I can focus on my preparations for the conference. I am soooo excited.