Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fantasy Hero VS Reality Hero

I love my heros--dark, dangerous, unpredictable, powerful, and mean. I don't want him to go weak at the knees when he see's the heroine. I like him to be overwhelming, and tricky. There must be instant friction--like anger, want, or just plain contrariness.

So long as it stays in the story.

In reality, if I hung around people that did half of what I wrote or read, I think I'd be getting restraining orders and going to counseling.

What is it about these fantasy hero's that I like- that are so dark? Recently I've been reading a series by Karen Marie Moning, about a Sidhe Seer named MacKayla Lane (Mac). Her first book in the series is "DarkFever." In this tale she has been able to present an incredibly dark hero named Jericho Barrons--and he is FASCINATING to me. He's rude, icily polite, has violent tendencies, and unpredictable. The more he is a jerk, the better I like it. Why? Because in between his nastiness, you occasionally see a glimpse of other feelings for the heroine. The author has successfully built the tension, while being true to his character. So now, even though the hero is so very bad, I am cheering for him.

I like the dark fantasy, because it is safe...safe to dream. I don't want the reality. Reality is doing dishes, going to work, paying bills, and raising children. I do that most of my waking moments. When I write, and when I read, I want situations that are not real, that are difficult and scary...because I am the direct opposite of that.

In my life, I prefer no drama, but laughter. Granted, I have a dark sense of humor and I am very snarky (ask my friends and co-workers). I have been gifted in my life with a wonderful husband. He'll do dishes, laundry, and makes me laugh. His eyes light up every time I walk into a room (as mine do when I see him). He is truly a nice guy and strong. He's not mean--thank goodness! I believe that's why I like the bad boys in books---because it is the direct opposite of my life.

What do you like in your fantasy hero? How about your real hero?


Sherry Werth said...

Restraining orders and counseling! You crack me up Mary. But I'd be right there, sitting beside you, at the sessions. I love the bad boys too... just don't want one in real life. My fantasy hero's are mysterious, adventurous and exciting. My real life hero/hubby is my rock. He makes me laugh, can fix anything I break and thinks I hung the moon. And BTW, we are not telling him otherwise. :D

M.V.Freeman said...

LOL!! You didn't hang the moon, I swear Sherry, I saw you do it!

Yep, we need our solid support, so we can write our wild guys.


How is the writing though?

Louisa Cornell said...

Hmm. My fantasy hero the more dangerous and tortured the better I like him! There is something about taming the wild beast that appeals to me.

My real life hero was my late DH. He was the quiet, thoughtful type. He had a dry wit and more patience than any man I have ever known. He was very grounded and steady. (He was a psychiatrist in the prison system.)

As a musician and now a writer, I tend to be a somewhat volatile person at times. I was much worse when I was younger. He would stand there and let me pitch a fit about something and when I finally wound down he would say "Are you done now? Okay. So what was that REALLY about?" Used to make me nuts! But I miss him every day.

Christine said...

Dark Heroes... you are going to get them hooked... and me too! What's interesting to me as a writer, unpublished, is developing my voice while developing my core story.

You will develop it all ... have no doubt!

M.V.Freeman said...

Dangerous and tortured...oooh! Love 'em.

I am honored that you shared about your late husband. I can feel the grief, and a part of me mourns with you--why? because I could not imagine my life without my husband. Something in me just freezes up thinking about it.

You are an incredibly strong woman, and I admire greatly your thoughts and memories. I find I'd like to ask more questions and I hope one day you will let me. :)

Our real life heros are one of a kind!

M.V.Freeman said...

My goal is to bring everyone over to the dark heros...*evil laugh*

Just kidding. LOL, sometimes I like the funny strong kind too.

And yep, developing the voice..that's the goal..you have a GREAT voice in writing. :)

Betty Bolte said...

I'm also fascinated by dark heroes, though I tend to write more strong, silent type than dark. In fact, my latest story the heroine's husband is never even present in the story -- how's that for silent? :) I search for clues as I read a dark hero as to what the heroine sees in him that draws her to him. What's the source of the magnetism that won't let her go? As a young woman I was fascinated by the concept of bad boys and flirted with them, but thankfully that didn't pan out! I'm glad to have a husband that is super supportive of my dreams and desires and puts up with my venting as well! Must be something about us creative/musician types -- all that stuff gets under our skin and festers until it explodes in anger or tears or both. Thank goodness my engineer husband is solid as a rock!

M.V.Freeman said...

Hey Betty!
Now absent is definitely the strong silent type...LOL

Dark and bad...there is a perception of strength there, and in books we are fascinated by these, at least I am, because I know its safe to read about them. I don't have to actually have them over for dinner(Now there is an idea!)

Maybe I have a far darker side than I ever realized. :)

I am glad you have a rock, because I wish that for everyone. :)

Cari Hislop said...

You've made me laugh! It's true there is something fascinating about "the other side" of whatever side one wishes to stand on. One of my romances the hero is the villain in several other stories. A heartless narcissist; I tried to kill him, but I couldn't. He's so awful he'd probably thank me for my efforts by spitting in my eye, but I had to help him find love which meant I had to break his heart. He survived to be tortured by his wife. Hurrah! But I can't just have one type of hero...I have golden heroes and rakehells and middle men...men who cry...men who'd rather die. One of my heroes was a prostitute, but he's not actually a bad person. He was just sleeping with rich old ladies for the money. I have a half finished novel with a golden hero...he's lovely...all good. When he's done he'll be my favorite; there's just something about him that makes me feel like I've been eating chocolate by the truckload. Thankfully I'm married to a lovely man who is also golden who makes me laugh every day and he definately supports my writing.
He's my true hero. If we'd lived in the medieval ages he would have been a knight in shiny chain mail, but I suspect I'd still have had to chase after him. "Come back here...I'm the woman for you...I'm not crazy...not really! ;) He tried to get away, but it didn't work!

M.V.Freeman said...

Hi Cari!

I love your descriptions about the heros you have written. I am not sure I could write a good guy, but the way you described the golden one--"like eating chocolate by the truckloads" is wonderful. Still, I have to admit, I'm drawn to read about that villan of yours.

And you have a knight! Outstanding, one should never let them get away. My knight is a bit surly at times, the armor is dented, but his heart is strong.

I think we have some future stories developing here, don't you think? :-P

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I'm like you - I like a strong hero in my books and I love a wee bit of spice in me men in real life or fantasy...BUT...I say this because I'm an Irish girl who knows how to keep her spicy man in check...if you don't - the hero book kind of guy can walk all over you, so I'm very much like the heroines I write about...I've got me own spice! *G*
But you know that already, don't you, hon! ;-)