Thursday, August 20, 2009

Other Than Writing

I’ve been working like a crazy person doing “other” things to contribute to a future writing career. When I collapsed into bed Sunday night, I wondered, when do you say enough is enough?

I spent all of last weekend putting my website together (under my pen name—yay it’s done!). I’ll be attending the August workshop this Saturday (apparently along with the rest of the entire Southern Magic membership… ya’ll rock!). And there's so many other things I don't even want to think about.

What gets me is that I’ve read and heard this is the easy part of publishing. Seriously? The REAL work comes after publication? Holy smokes, I can’t imagine.

So where are you at in all of this? I read so often how fellow writers are juggling their families, husbands, kids, sports, Facebook time, and numerous other things. Can anyone imagine adding yet more—like copy edits, deadlines, and traveling? Think I’ll go take a nap now.


Jeanie said...
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Jeanie said...

It's hard to juggle things, Karen, AND write! I work full time as an appellate lawyer --which means I write in my day job too!-- and I have been frantically scrambling in the past year to get my high school senior college bound. That means scheduling the ACT and SAT numerous times, hiring tutors to help improve her score, visiting college campuses, helping (and paying, ouch!) for college applications and getting her graduated from high school with all the attendant pomp and circumstance that goes along with that. She leaves tomorrow for college after several weeks of trying to get everything together for her to take with her. Translation: everything but the kitchen sink, and she's living in a dorm! I've got a million things whirling around in my brain related to sending a child off on her own for the first time.

I also have an 8th grader who keeps me very busy, and my husband and I are in a play together!

Okay, that's the tip of the iceberg on the personal life. Writing wise, I'm trying to finish the paranormal I'm working on. I'm in the home stretch, and it's fighting me every step of the way. Feels like I'm giving birth to an elephant! This is the year I've also joined RWA, Southern Magic and the contest circuit, and, yes, I am going to the workshop on Saturday after taking Katie to Spring Hill College in Mobile on Friday!

I don't have a website yet, although I'm working toward that, and I know I need business cards and a dozen other things I haven't even thought of! Who has time to write?

Yet, write we must, because that's what it's all about!

Jeanie said...

FYI, I removed my first comment because I found a typo, not because I was offended by your post or said anything rude. I am sometimes computer challenged, as Carla can tell you!

Christine said...

I have the blog, I am actively trying to get an agent, and I am dickering around with the idea of a website, but I am not creating one yet. An agent at the Conference said he'd rather his writers be writing. I took that advice to heart. I want to have at least 6 marketable books completed, with blurbs, before I take the time to make a website... but that's just me.

I barely have time to do anything but write, run around after the darling daughter, and keep the home front running smoothly.

Jeanie said...

Good grief, Christine, I am so not worthy! Six marketable books? I'm struggling to get one! My hat's off to you, girl.

Christine said...

I have four done, one is buried in a box and used shamelessly to sprinkle descriptions into the other books. I have a 2nd I want to revise (big time), and a 4th in the wings to revise (big time). Fifth is notes in a binder--scrabbled onto index cards. One more and I'm almost there--I'm writing categories... simple, sexy, fun, fast stories.

Not an epic in me--maybe later... :)

Karen Beeching said...

Hi, Jeanie. If you would have seen my original blog, you'd see mine was about the same length. I had listed everything I'm doing just within Southern Magic, and it just kept going and going and going. I thought, no, I'm taking that out. And then I add the agent/editor blogs I visit daily and writing 20-30 hours a week on top of writing grants all day 5 days a week ... I got exhausted just putting it all in the blog. But I hear ya. Before my son went into the Army, I had done the ACT thing and getting him graduated was even an ordeal. Then he joined the Army. It was almost a relief.


That's another blog.

But yes, crazy! I waited on the website as long as possible, but I've read more and more that agents want to see you marketing. Well, I have 1 1/2 books written for my paranormal trilogy, all three synopses done, and the little back-of-the-book descriptions (queries), so I decided to go ahead and get the website going and "branding" my pen name.

Now I'm putting a workshop together, the beginnings of a retreat for next year, and the preliminaries for the 2011 conference. Sigh.

You know though, I love it. And maybe that means I'm doing the right thing.

Karen Beeching said...

Hey, Christine. I hear ya. As soon as I finish this trilogy (this year), I have a rewrite for a book, then another trilogy to start. The important thing is definitely getting all of it done. Everyone says that writing a good book is the most important thing, and it is. I've just hit that point where I need to start doing the other stuff and getting a presence going.

It's kind of the Phase 2, I guess. Or at least that's how I look at it. I definitely had to wait until I was ready for it. I wasn't two years ago.

You know what's almost sad? You have those six books in your head, you get them down, and you have twelve more knocking around in your head waiting to get out.

But don't you love it?

M.V.Freeman said...

I feel your pain, full time work, kids, husband, having to make sure everyone eats...etc.

I don't have much to show for it, but a rough draft, and painful revision (sounds like surgical procedure) and starts of ideas.

What I do have is drive, and I am working on discipline(I do believe I am going to blog about that this week...LOL)

I have finally recognized the road I walk is mine, and it may take longer than most, but I'll get there. :) Keep writing everyone.

Karen Beeching said...

You're right, Mary. And drive is 50 percent of it. :)

Louisa Cornell said...

I hear you all on the constant struggle to juggle everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to this writing gig. I work a full-time job at Wal-Mart that tries its very best to suck the life and soul out of me on a daily basis. I have a herd of rescued dogs that demand a certain percent of my time just in maintenance let alone TLC. While my load was nowhere NEAR that of Jeanie I have been working the past several months to get my nephew into college - ACTs to schedule, financial aid to apply for, college applications, etc. He moved into the dorm at the University of Alabama on Friday and I was so excited and relieved when he phoned me from his dorm room to say "I'm here, Aunt Pam and I'm ready to go! I promise to make you proud." Made it all worthwhile, but I am STILL worn out!

I think the thing I have to make myself do is to leave the DDJ (Damned Day Job) at the door of Wal-Mart and not think about it when I am out of that building. The rest of the time I need to be thinking about writing, writing, and WRITING!!! I am one of the lucky ones. I have an agent. Thanks to my CP I have a website. I am finishing my third book. I just need to start spending more time thinking and living like a writer and if I can do that pretty soon that is exactly what I will be!

Christine said...

I am very impressed by your commitment to your family, Louisa-

Congrats on getting your nephew into school! and here's to all your future endeavors.