Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Things

With quick movements, the woman glued tips on the end of my nails and trimmed them. Taking out a small dremel tool, she turned it on, the buzz sounding like an enraged bee. Fascinated, I watched as she ran it over my nail, roughing it up. The next step was a gel, which came from a brush dipped into a purple liquid, and then a powder. With quick strokes she smoothed out the gel with a brush, then painted a clear gloss over it. Finally, my hands were placed under heated lamps and voila, I had nails.

The whole experience was new to me. I've never had a professional manicure, let alone tips glued on to my nails. I always felt they were a luxury I could ill afford, but now I feel a bit more put together and professional.

There is something powerful in trying something new and stepping outside the box. Ever since I have become involved with RWA, and truly pursing my writing dream, I have found I am doing more and more new things. It can be a bit discombobulating, but I keep on trying these new things. Some of the new things I have done:
  • I started blogging here
  • I have entered in on friendly writing challenges.
  • I have taken online writing classes
  • I have met the most charming and delightful group of people online--some of them I've even met in person.
  • Finished a rough draft (this is huge)
  • I've done my first in-person pitch.
  • I've sent off my first partial
  • Received my first polite rejection.
  • I've even gone to a retreat.
  • Created my own website (with help!)

I do believe I'm on a roll! The new things keep on coming, and I am beginning to meet them with a sense of adventure and not as much trepidation. What are some of the new things I am going to try and do? Some of them are:

  • I'm going to write my second book (ok, three if I make my challenge!)
  • I am going to research Agents, Editors, and Publishers and prepare a query
  • I am going to enter a few contests (Golden Heart is one!)
  • I am going to attend the next RWA conference.

So bring it on, I'm ready! What new things have you tried lately?

What new things are going to do this year? Is it hard to break outside the mold and attempt new things for you? Why?

NOTE: I have posted this prior to leaving for Minnesota for a memorial service. I may or may not be able to respond, but I will when I return after the 7th of August. Apparently my husband has decided to make this into a family trip (albeit a somewhat sorrowful one). It will be a quest- but that I will save for a another blog.


Christine said...

Girl, you are going to the conference as a PRO--remember? So put on that list of future things "filling out application for PRO and mailing it in to RWA headquarters.

I am so excited for you about finishing the first draft of your book.

Karen Beeching said...

Well said, Mary. Diving into this world is a strange, new, and wonderful experience!

I too plan to enter my last book into the Golden Heart this year (I didn't finish the synopsis in time last year), and possibly the Daphne in the spring. I intend to finish my current novel by September and enter it in both contests as well, plus send it off to agents. Then hopefully, if I’m not too overloaded, I would like to start and finish my last book in the trilogy by the end of December. RWA Nationals 2010 here I come!

Christine said...

Karen: I am so excited about you coming to Nationals next year! We'll have so much fun...

Karen Beeching said...

I know! I haven't been to nationals since Dallas. But cut the airfare out and I'm in!

You'll have to let me know if you need a roommate!

M.V.Freeman said...

Christine, I forgot I could apply for PRO status! :) Yep....I have lots to do.

Thanks Karen...and yep, here come nationals!!!