Monday, June 01, 2009

Revising Your "Don't Do" List

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am not one to wait anxiously for the next paranormal thriller to be published. I think that has to do with the fact that I come from practical stock that is grounded in reality. For me that is bizarre enough.

Recently, that all changed when we rented Twilight. I watched spell-bound. The movie was breathtakingly beautiful. The photography was like an art film and so compelling that at times I could feel the mist of the Olympic Peninsula. Now I must read the book. I can only hope that the achingly erotic, but actually chaste, movie will be evoked in writing as a part of the book rather than a cinematographer's creation.

What did I learn from this? We all tend to gravitate to what we think we like, hesitating to consider those things that are unfamiliar but from now on I will take chances and be more open when considering books and movies to enjoy. And, for this I say, thanks Stephanie Meyers.


Christine said...

I think you'll like the book. It is very chaste and the movie reflected it very well. Love that part of the country!

M.V.Freeman said...

Isn't it a grand movie and book? I can hardly wait for the second.

I love when a writer or a story comes out of no where and captures me.

Oh, and Diane, Welcome to the dark side...(just kidding!) LOL

Karen Beeching said...

I felt the same about YA, Diane, until I read Jenn's book Going Too Far. I loved it. So yeah, now I may be a fan of YA too, or at least Jenn!

I just watched Twilight last night. Although I'm not a huge fan like so many, I can definitely see why it's so popular. It's difficult to resist those plots where the heroine is more than just special to the hero, but that she smells so good everyone wants her. :)

There's more to the plot than the movie shows, so you will probably enjoy it more after reading the book.

Louisa Cornell said...

It's always nice when something kicks us out of our comfort zone and we really enjoy it!

I was never one to read mainstream suspense until my Mom picked up a book by Preston Douglas and Lincoln Child called STILL LIFE WITH CROWS. She read the back and thought I might enjoy it. Her best friend owns the local homestyle restaurant - something of an institution in town - Fran's Restaurant in Pelham, Alabama. In the restaurant all of the ladies who are regulars or who work there bring in books they have read and leave them for someone else to take and read. She found this book in one of those boxes. I read it and was instantly intrigued and the ending blew me away. So, I became a huge fan and have since read everything these two have written together and separately. Opened a whole new world to me.

Carla Swafford said...

I'm just happy that the film industry is finally getting on the vampire band wagon with the rest of the world. LOL!

The photography was beautiful. Wish I was in Seattle now.