Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life to Fiction

People sometimes ask me if I draw from real life for my stories. My answer is always the same. Yes and no. I’ll put a character through similar things I’ve survived, but I won’t rewrite actual events in my life, mostly because it’s too emotionally taxing.

What about you? Is it all fiction or do you write from personal experiences?


M.V.Freeman said...

I'm like you, I don't put "actual" events, but I put my characters through similar situations.

I can't rule out that I will put in real events (with fictional people). But, I probably wouldn't tell....LOL

Oh, I have been known to use those I have had conflicts with in the past as basis for my antagonists...very cathartic. :)

Louisa Cornell said...

I put something of myself and my experiences in my heroines. And I definitely use the characteristics of people who have "done me wrong" in my villains. It's really great therapy to bump them off in my stories! LOL

And I have drawn some aspects of some of my stories from interesting events or stories that have actually happened.

Christine said...

I tell my friends: nothing is sacred. I don't use the real events in my life, but yes, similar situations and I will use what I know about people to weave depth into my own characters' personalities or backgrounds. I even used my friend's parents' moniker for their junk room in my most recent book. They laughed when I asked them permission.


Caitlin Wildhagen said...

It all depends on the story!

I'm always inspired by people and events that happen around me, but some things just don't happen to people the way they do in novels these days. (Sad, sad truth!)

My favorite saying: "Watch it, or you'll end up in my next novel!"