Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Conference Crazies and Pitch Panic

There have been a lot of posts about the RWA Conference on LOOPS and blogs for writers. And I have inhaled them--eager to sniff out any news about what to expect.

Now, I know DC. That's covered. I hope--I even have a car and driver to haul me to WEGMANS grocery store for survival food supplies. I know cool restaurants I want to revisit (budget be .... I am eating at the Lebanese Taverna) to eat in. And I am very excited about the workshops, PRO retreat, editor/agent appointments, and meeting new writing friends.

But I am very freaked about my clothes--what to wear!? On a budget? And my appointments. What if I stumble and fall? What if my tongue swells? What if I hyperventilate? But I am going to attend regardless of my fears.

Because this is my chance. Not just to pitch to my dream agent and editor, but to meet other writers and bond. I want to soak up everything I can while I am at this conference. I want to take it all in and come away from this with an armful of knowledge about my favorite subject.

And in all of my preparations, I've learned something about my books. Instead of tearing each word apart, each critique apart, and each contest "yes or no" apart, I revisited my original dream sfor my heroes and heroines.

I remembered the reason they spoke to me and the reasons they came together. I remembered the joy they discovered when they realized their love for each other. I remembered their hurt, deep and wounding, when they believed in the betrayals, and I remembered the fun I had writing about their adventures.

And if that is the best thing I gain out of this conference craziness and pitch panic, then it is all worth the expense, the packing panic, and the long hours driving to DC.

For it is in the writing that I am free.


M.V.Freeman said...

"For it is in the writing that I am free."-LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I Think I am going to post that over my computer. That is the perfect phrase!--

Christine, you will have a fabulous time there, and I know you'll come back fully recharged.

Of course I will expect pictures, because I am like that. :)

Christine said...

pictures? do you expect good ones? I must be diligent...


Jeanie said...

Well said, Christine. I, too, am in a panic about pitching at RWA. I go around all day muttering things like, 'GMC' and 'Must have hooks' and 'Find cowboy sheriff who has taken side job as undercover bodyguard protecting a woman with a hidden agenda and a secret baby' in my story. Not likely to work, since I don't have any of those things in my book. But, hey, I'll keep looking.

In the meantime, see you there!


Karen Beeching said...

Well said. It's a wonderful time. I wish I could go this time around, and maybe next year I can, if things get better.

Just remember when you're sweating and pitching your latest, there are those of us who would love to be right there beside you.

And we are ... in spirit. :)

Christine said...

Jeanie: after Saturday's amazing workshop (Thank You Kelly!!!), I revamped my pitches. I was ticking off all the traditional hooks in the handout even if it was a stretch. No secret babies in my books either, or cowboys, but I managed to find a rogue, a bride, and secret identities LOL.

Karen: I will be channeling all the good thoughts and energy when I am shaking in my high heels shoes during the pitch. Next year, I hope you are there with me (at the conference, but not shaking in your heels).

Kathy said...

I love all your excitement, Christine. It's contagious!!

As for dressing for Nationals, business casual is key. You'll see people dressed all kinds of ways. Just remember, you want to look professional, as if you're serious about your work and respect yourself. Nothing over the top, but comfortable shoes and colors that compliment your skin and clothes that look good on you.

As for the rest, looks like you're already prepared!! Looking forward to seeing you in DC! :)