Saturday, May 30, 2009

You Write the Ending

Victim. Victor.

Both words begin with "vict--", but it's the letters afterwards that determine their meanings. It's how those words end that make them what they are.

That was so powerful to me. It was one of those "Wow!" moments and the revelation touched my heart as well as my head. As I wait to hear back from an editor about my submission, I know that whatever the reply is I decide if I'm going to be a victor...or a victim.

All writers--whether they are unpublished, newly published or multi-published--have faced the same trials and storms. We've all been rejected, criticized, disappointed and sometimes even crushed. Every one of us at some point have felt like giving up. These times would be "vict--". But, it's our actions after those "Black Moments" that determine if we are "--im" or "--or".

A victim walks away, giving up the dream because the road is too hard. Victims cower from the storm instead of ride it. Rejection crushes them instead of makes them stronger and more determined. A victim does not understand that success is birthed in failure.

A victor, however, soars above the storm, using the rejection and disappointments to buoy them up. Instead of quitting, they use the lessons, advice and criticisms to hone them and their craft. They turn the "Black Moment" around to make them better. They don't despise those moments because without them they wouldn't have learned fortitude, perseverance and strength. Victors understand that out of the ashes of failure rises the phoenix of success.

I am a victor. Oh, yes, there are times when I feel more like a victim than a victor, but every time I sit back in front of my computer and forge ahead in spite of my feelings, I choose to walk in victory. I may not have control over the events that happen in life, but the power over my reactions is all mine. I claim my ending and determine if I burn in the ashes or rise like the phoenix.


Diane Richmond said...

Naima, this is food for thought. Rejection is hard for all of us. Victor is much better than victim. We all fall for the latter at times. We are defined by those times we choose the former.

Karen Beeching said...

Yes, and sometimes it takes a few days to transform from victim to victor. Rejection is always a "process" and not unlike the five stages of grief.

JoAnn said...

Thanks, Naima -- another inspiring blog.

Christine said...

Thanks Naima! Great blog and very true! It's hard to forge ahead when we must deal with the fates and the results are not always in our hands, but you are the VICTOR in staying the course!!

I'm rooting for you!

M.V.Freeman said...

I vote for Victor!

You go! I liked this Post!

Cari Hislop said...

Lovely and profound! I'm going to print your post off and put it on my wall!