Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What makes him sexy?

I recently read an article that described the ten traits that make a guy sexy. I agreed with most of them, but maybe not in the order that the author had them listed. It came as no surprise that having a good sense of humor scored high on the list. Pleasing looks were also a given. The others were predictable and not entirely unexpected. Still, I bet we would all agree that it is the entire package that draws us to a man. There is no one characteristic that clinches it and it's also the way he makes us feel.

Since coming to the realization that I am mainly visual, I have been trying to cast my characters as I write my story. For want of a better method, I use public figures--primarily those in the movies. My latest line up of characters runs along the following lines: Good looking Latin guy: Enrique Inglesias; dashing super hero type with a touch of sophistication: Hugh Jackman; all American heart throb: Josh Holloway; older good looking sophisticate: Pierce Brosnan; young sensitive cutie: Orlando Bloom and funny man: John Cusiack.

These are my personal favorites and you might not agree, after all, it is subjective. I've told you mine. Now, who would you cast in your novel?


Carla Swafford said...

Hugh Jackman, oh yeah, just let him talk. Then Gerard Butler (so manly), The Rock (his humor), and Antonio Banderas (love it when he gets that determined look and I want to run my fingers through his silky hair). I'm with you on Pierce Bronson, he can whisper in my heroine's ear anytime. And of course for a future hero (when he gets a little older and some more meat on those bones), Zac Efron.

Sexy can mean so many things but for me it starts with the eyes. Not so much the color but how they look at you. Confidence. Looking at you with confidence of what they want and they know how to get it. Oh, yeeaahh.

Christine said...

Oh you know I am crushing on Hugh Jackman!! And I just saw QUANTUM OF SOLACE and have redeveloped a tendre for Daniel Craig--yummy!!

Sense of humor, smoldering intense eyes, amazing behind and smooth chest.... mmmmmmmmm


M.V.Freeman said...

I love these!
Hugh Jackman, a must!
Dwayne Johnson, the rock...*sigh* Muscles and humor....

But, I have a thing for Viggio Mortenson--Poet, but I love his tough characters the best...like in Eastern Promises...

Then there is Alan Rickman...before he got a bit too long in the jowl...his voice alone had me captivated.

Strong, tough men...I love those. *sigh* now you have me comtemplating this...

Louisa Cornell said...

I actually do "cast" my novels. I keep a notebook for each one - the "bible" for it so to speak. And in it have floor plans, maps, photos of rooms and of course photos of each of the characters. I usually use actors, actresses and/or models.

Hugh Jackman is the model for a character that first appears in Lost in Love and will probably appear in all of the sequels until his book comes along. Hey, a girl can DREAM of selling a series, can't she?

I love Gerard Butler and Clive Owen. Viggo is definitely high on the list as is Orlando Bloom.

Now for Tristan Monticourt - the hero of The Raven's Heart I used Goran Visnjic from ER. That is one hot man!

His heroine Madeline? Liv Tyler.