Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesson Learned

This past weekend I attended Dianna Love and Mary Buckham's Break Into Fiction writer's retreat in Atlanta, GA. About thirty published and unpublished authors came together for two days to learn and perfect their craft. It was the first time I had traveled away from home to take part in a workshop. And I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I became acquainted with one of the authors when she circled the room passing out pens and business cards with her name and website printed on them. This lady was a walking, talking marking department. She even had a jacket with her name, profession and signature romance slogan embroidered on the back! She was good! Imagine my surprise when I later discovered she was not yet published.

Some people might consider her presumptuous at best...crazy at worse. But not me. Only one word came to mind.


A staturesque redhead, she amazed me not with her audacity, but with her undeniable confidence. She believed in her heart that the promise of one day being published would come to pass. When she spoke, her voice rang with absolute conviction and authority. The word "if" didn't cross her lips--only "when" did. Her every action declared the fruition of her dream was only a matter of time. I found myself envious. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Because I wanted what she had. That confidence. That belief. That faith.

It takes faith to print business cards and pens while you're still waiting for the contract. It takes crazy faith to have it emblazoned on your back! It proclaims I've hoped, dreamed and labored for this. I may not see it now, but I will because it's for me. This hope, this dream, is mine.

I learned many things this weekend about my craft that were awesome and engergizing...but none greater than the staturesque redhead with the embroidered jacket.


M.V.Freeman said...

So true Naima,
If I didn't have faith, I wouldn't continue writing. :)
Now, that jackets sounds interesting...

Christine said...

Love it! I have business cards, but they don't have my career as a romance writer on them. I got them through Vista Prints--super cheap. Next time I order a set, I am going to put that on there and my blogspot... but I think I need one for my pseudonym. I've been trying to come up with one for ages and I finally figured it out the other day. Perhaps that will be my first step of faith: ordering cards with my writing name on them!

And the pens.... mmmmm those sound interesting for sure!

Oh, and how about a Facebook site with the pen name? Ah, another grand idea!

Naima said...

See? She's already inspiring someone else!! LOL!