Monday, March 09, 2009

The Journey

They say a journey of a million miles begins with one step.

I seriously began my writing journey seven years ago. Since I started, I've encountered hills and valleys, walked a desert or two, and even took some detours. As with every journey there are problems, a flat tire (writers block), a stall (distracted by reading), possibly an accident (like deleting the story you've been working on). For me, it's been more about the vehicle. Somewhere along my path I traded in my car for a bicycle. I can still ride it but I am not going as fast as I'd like to.

Instead of moving forward steadily, I have written slowly (much like a leisurely ride on the bike) and I am very dissapointed. I'd expected to be a bit farther along then I am. I'd set out to finish a book, even two. Instead I have only half a book to show for it.

What are my interferences? Like everyone it is work, family, illness, and any number of things that lay in wait for unsuspecting writers. All have to be dealt with, so you can't ignore them, but all take time away from writing.

So, what can I do? I re-evaluated my time and effort and decided to make some changes. First, and most important, I decided to change my hours at work (and unfortunately decrease my income) and move from a 50-60 hr work week to 24 hours (I'm job sharing). This should give me far more time than I am getting now to write.

So, perhaps that bicycle can be upgraded to a moped. Next, I'm hoping for a Harley, that will certainly get me moving faster!

How is your journey going? What hinders you? What helps you? What changes are you going to make to help your journey?


Christine said...

I just blogged about this very subject. I think the biggest obstacle standing in my way is my attitude. I can do anything if I don't let doubt and fear overwhelm me. And I can write if I believe it is for the writing. When I start looking at the real challenges to becoming a published writer, I ask myself why am I putting my talent and energy into a field that is very difficult to break into?

And I always come up with the same answer: I love it.

Keep pedaling. I am on a moped that stutters and wish I had a plane that flew over the mountains in my way, but I keep turning the key.

You'll get there... even if the end of the journey is only for you. It is your journey.

M.V.Freeman said...

So very true Christine, Such glorious words of encouragement.
Thank you!

So, I salute all of our writing bicycles and mopeds! :)

Carla Swafford said...

May the road be smooth and the gravel be few. You go, girl!

M.V.Freeman said...

Thank you Carla! :)
I think, I'm going to put that up on my wall...I Like that!

An Irish blessing with a writing twist! :)

Sherry Werth said...

Vehicle, Harley, moped, bicycle??? As slow as my writing pace has been going lately my journey must be in one of those carts they use in the soapbox derbys...going uphill.

It's funny you should post about this. I've been trying to understand lately why I put off everything I want and need to do for myself to look after others.

Congrats on the new hours MV. I know your job has been stressful. I took another job last summer with less hours in order to have more writing time. I just hope you use your extra time better than I do! : )

M.V.Freeman said...

I'll encourage you strongly to get on that "cart"! LOL

It's a slow process...much slower than I anticipated. Ah well. I think that's what they call "tempering" I just call it plain ol' frustrating! :)