Thursday, March 05, 2009

And I Would Like To Thank...

Whenever you watch a NASCAR event and they interview the winner, he'll say something like "I couldn't have done it without my Coca-Cola, Mobil Oil, Pizza Hut, Goody's Powder, Turner Classic Channel, Chevrolet team." Yep. The longer the mic stays in front of them the more sponsors they'll mention. Too funny. Even stranger is that I don't mind. And yes, I'm like so many NASCAR fans, I'm more apt to buy from one of my favorite driver's sponsors. LOL!

Just think if romance writers had sponsors and when they stepped up on the stage at a RWA National Conference to accept their RITA. Would they say something like "I couldn't have done it without my Books-a-Million, Dell Computers, HP Multipurpose paper, Lexmark, Charter Internet, [insert critique partners, agent and publisher] team"?

Yeah. I can see it. Sponsor patches all over my formal, shaking up a big bottle of champagne and changing out tiaras with different logos in rhinestones as I talk with the interviewer from Romance Novel TV. Oh, yeeeaahhh.
Who would be your sponsors?


Christine said...

First, I am laughing which after today, is amazing! Thanks! And Second, well, sponsorships are so intriguing. I'd have a Mondavi Wine, President's Brie Cheese, and Godiva Chocolate for my sponsors.

Thanks for a great post.

Christy Reece said...

Okay (clears throat) here goes: I would like the thank the following sponsors for their help and support during the making of this book:

Milky Way candy bars for seeing me through the rough drafts.

Planter's Trail Mix for their much needed assistance during the brainstorming sessions.

The makers of Menage'A Trois California red wine for their thought provoking help during the romantic scenes.

Diet Coke and Maxwell House coffee for the much needed shots of caffeine during the actions scenes.

Blue Belle Homemade vanilla ice cream when things were going smoothly and Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie when things weren't so smooth.

The Campbell Soup company for keeping the hubby happy and well fed.

The makers of Milk Bones dog biscuits for keeping the furkids happy.

And the maker of rolaids which I always needed after consuming all of the above. Hmm, except for the Milk Bones.

Carla Swafford said...

Christine, glad it brighten your day and thanks for joining in the fun.

Carla Swafford said...

Christy, that is just too funny!! And glad you passed up the Milk Bones. LOL! Though I heard Mel Gibson loves them.

Peggy Webb said...

Carla, only someone of your amazing talent and sense of humor would come up with the idea of thanking our sponsors. Mine would be (a)Big Train for the green tea chai that has expanded my horizons so much I can barely get into my chair, let alone my pants, (3) Geraldine's Bodacious cheese straws which take the place of breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between when I'm on deadline, (3) lobster with butter and key lime pie for inspiration and (4) my front porch and flower gardens which keep me sane. Well, almost!

Carla Swafford said...

Peggy! You, Christine, and Christy are true Southerns. Food is always at the top of the list. If not for me trying to lose a few pounds (in my dreams), food would certainly be there on my list too!! LOL!

Diane Richmond said...

Great blog, Carla. Very creative.


M.V.Freeman said...


That would be my sponser. I think because I drink so much coffee while I write and work.

Oh then it would be Purity milk--for the cream to go in my coffee.

LOL...this was fun!