Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What would you do?

If the dream you cherished most never came to pass? Or if the dream looked nothing like you envisioned when it finally did come?

What would you do?

The goal of most writers is to become published. Mine is. To see my name on the cover of a book and my picture on the back. To have millions of people read and love my stories. But, what if that never happened? What if, instead of a paper or hardcover book, I am only able to sell to an e-publisher? I wouldn't be able to go into Books-A-Million and see my novel on the shelf because it would only be available online. I would've attained the dream. But, it looks different--nothing like how I pictured.

What would I do? Could I--would I--still write?

Would you?

To be published is the goal, the dream. It's the aspiration we reach for. But, seeing our names on the spine of a book is not the reason we write. Most of us didn't wake up one morning and declare, I want to be published; therefore, I'm going to write. No. Most of us were writing before we even realized what editors, agents or royalties meant. We had the urge--the need--to bring to vivid life the story in our heads by scratching it down on paper. To create. It's our purpose.

Purpose is described as our reason for being. I don't believe we were blessed with this gift just to be famous or to make money. We were meant to touch lives and make a difference. And, that may look like penning your child's school play instead of the next box-office screenplay. Through your gift, that shy little boy who always walks with his head down found the courage to try out for the lead role...and win it. But, he never would have discovered his confidence if you hadn't written the play in the first place. It may look like taking notes for your pastor so he can have a compilation that will one day touch the soul of someone who's lost, seeking guidance or encouragement. It's not an easy task. Or one that will see your name on it, but without your gift, there's a person that may go without peace, comfort or even healing.

What would I do if my dream of being published never came to pass? Could I still write? Oh, yes. Whether my name is on the cover of the book or only on a computer file, I can write because true writers have no choice. It isn't predicated on fame or fortune. It's simply what we were born to do.


M.V.Freeman said...

What would I do? I know I would continue to write. I need the out let for creativity--it is as important as breathing to me. :)

Christine said...

Writing is the dream. I am fulfilling the dream. Publishing is my goal. I am trying to reach that goal. But it isn't easy.

I'm immensely grateful that my family supports my dream and my goal.

But no matter what happens, now that I've started, I can't stop writing.

I'd be dried up and dead if I quit.

I have a quote from Delle Jacobs on my office door:

"The object of goals is getting there...
The object of dreams is the journey."

When the journey no longer brings me joy, I'll stop.

So far it continues to sustain my heart.

I keep going on.

We can only control WHAT WE DO. Not the industry, not the editors, not the publishers, no one.

But we have power over our dreams...

Never give up. Never surrender.