Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shelf Aware

I was in a cleaning mood for a brief time over the weekend (those moods never last for more than "a brief time" for me) and decided to attack my big ol' writing bookcase. I have it divided into five sections: Keeper Fiction, Writing Craft, Writing Resources, Inspiration, and Weird (the books that caught my eye for some reason or another).

Here is one title from each section.

Keeper Fiction: A Man Like Mac by Faye Robinson. This still makes me cry every time I read it. And Carmel (Faye Robinson) died way too young.

Writing Craft: GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict. No writer should be without it.

Writing Resources: Nicholson's London Street Atlas. I love maps, what can I say.

Inspiration: The Writer's Book of Hope byRalph Keyes. I've never actually read this, but knowing it's there is comforting.

Weird: Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

What's on your bookshelf? Do you have the same sections I do? Tell us one book from each section.


Carla Swafford said...

Keeper Fiction: Linda Howard's ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN. Funny, sexy, suspenseful and adventurous plus spies, if it had horses and swords too, I couldn't be more happier. LOL!

Writing Craft: ENGLISH GRAMMAR FOR DUMMIES. It says it all.

Writing Resources: WRITER'S GUIDE TO PLACES. Packed with loads of little details only locals know. Plus I have an atlas of the world during the middle ages.

Inspiration: CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE WRITER'S SOUL. Neat little stories.

Weird: US ARMY SURVIVAL MANUAL. Hey, you never know when you'll need it for yourself or your characters. I have several other weird books, but don't know to scare anyone. LOL!

Christine said...

Keeper Fiction: all my Harry Potter Books, all my Nora Roberts books, Whitney My Love

Writing Craft: GMC, First Draft in 30 Days

Writing Resources: Thesaurus; Strunk and White, Elements of Style

Inspiration: mmmm-- I post quotes around my office

Weird: The Interior Life: a novel I found years ago in a used book store and have read and reread a zillion times. I love the way it switches from the here and now to a fantasy.

Christy Reece said...

Oh, I love lists!

Keeper Shelf: Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught and Dream Man by Linda Howard. (LOL. Actually every Linda Howard and Judith McNaught book stays on my keeper shelf.)

Writing Craft: How to Write a Damn Good Novel by James N. Frey

Writing Resources: The Gregg Reference Manual by William A. Sabin

Inspiration: On Writing by Stephen King

Weird: The Action Heroine's Handbook by Jennifer Worick and Joe Borgenicht.(Funny but helpful)

Christine said...

I love Judith McNaught! She always makes me cry--her depth of emotion is amazing. I have the book Christy has as well.

JoAnn said...

Oooh, I definitely see some titles I want to add to my shelves. Thanks, ladies!

Sherry Werth said...

I had one of those cleaning moods a few weeks ago and did the same thing to my bookcase.

Keeper fiction: Lisa Kleypas - Devil in Winter

Writing Craft: Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies - Leslie Wainger

Writing Resources: The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need - Susan Thurman

Inspiration: Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy - Sarah Ban Breathnach (Love this book!)

Weird: The Power of Intention - Dr. Wayne Dyer (not really weird but different)

M.V.Freeman said...

Loved this blog! :)

I am perusing my bookshelf even as I write this.

I hate getting rid of books...but I did buy a new addition...

a thesaurus! ;)