Friday, February 13, 2009

New Beginnings

I've recently completed a novel and am in the process of doing a final edit. I loved writing this book and I spent the last six months living and breathing along side of each and every character. Now I I have to remind myself to focus on the job at hand--editing to obtain the final product.

It's hard to concentrate. I don't want to edit. I know how this story ends and I am excited to begin my next great adventure. More and more often I find myself daydreaming about the next book. I've imagined all types of scenarios that I could put down on paper. Their draw is seductive and before I realize what is happening, I am heading down the road chasing my hero and heroine as their drama unfolds. These lapses into pleasant daydreams are not productive but they do mark an important milestone in the journey of writing a novel. One adventure is about to end and another will soon begin.

I have made a firm commitment to finish the editing by the next chapter meeting and send it out to agents. In the mean time, I will try to make a mental note of every idea that pops in my head as material for the next book.

I knew that the "itch" to get started again was out of control when I was eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while watching an excerpt from the Westminster Dog Show and wondering how I could incorporate Skippy and Stump as two of my characters in my next story.


Christine said...

CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your book! I hope you did something special to celebrate!!

I know what you mean about wanting to race into the next book. I did that 2 times and never properly revised the first two. After the third one was done, my critique buddies said they wouldn't look at a fourth till I did a real revision (not a line edit LOL) on the third. Between a move and more, I finally did get it done. Old notes from the new book were kept in a notebook, and I started book in a week for the fourth book's first draft just this month. It's wonderful.

I can't wait to write the first draft of the fourth book. But, ironically the third book is what I have to keep at bay--want to certain things to it now so I can feel better about querying it. But I am holding off till I finish the Book in a Week.

Good writing in your revisions!

Naima said...

Diane, I am so in sync with you on that! I have to take a page out of your book, though. I so dreaded editing my last ms that I developed writer's block! LOL! But, CONGRATULATIONS!! It feels so good to finish a ms and I'm doing a Snoopy dance for you. Now, stop reading this post and bunker down with those edits!!

M.V.Freeman said...

Congrats Diane!!!
What a wonderful accomplishment to finish that book.

Karen Beeching said...

Congratulations on finishing that book!

Carla Swafford said...

A beautiful obsession.