Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who Gets The Big Buck In The Publishing World

I read an article in The Wall Street Journal this weekend that talked about how the major publisher are paying big bucks and taking big risks even in these economically hard times. At first, I was excited to see a headline that said publishers are still stepping up then I read the article.

To sum it up, it basically said that the publishing industry is taking a hit and sales are down. The bright side of the article was not a bright side to me. The writer went on to say that publisher are taking risk with huge multi million dollar deals on some first time writers in the hopes that they would be the next blockbuster or Harry Potter epidemic. However, I noticed the first time writers mentioned were ALL celebrities.

Now don't get me wrong, I never imagined I would sign a multi-million dollar deal with my first book. Hey, I just want to get published. What bothered me about the article is that it made me really stop and question if a publisher or agent is going to want to gamble on little unknown me when money is scarce and book buyers are scarcer. It was already hard enough to break into the world of the elite published before the economy started its descent, but now I wonder if it will be even harder.


M.V.Freeman said...

As long as publishers publish the books people want to read, all will be well.--look at Stephanie Meyer! Now she has movie deals. :)

Additionally, when people are stressed they will buy books (they are cheaper than vacations)-that has been proven.

Finally, we have to guard against fear...the nameless helplessness of it will cripple us all.

So I am going to encourage you to keep writing! Because as long as someone wants to read your story...books will be sold! :)

Diane Richmond said...

Just remember, the author of Harry Potter was unknown at one time too.

JoAnn said...

Julie, I share your fears and cringe everytime I hear about some celebrity who has "written" a children's book or other work of fiction. Ugh. But as my friend Carla recently reminded me, there's no use in worrying about the things we can't control.

The bottom line is this: A writer writes. So keep writing. And keep submitting. As long as you keep doing those things, you've got a chance. If you stop doing those things, you have no chance at all.

Diane Richmond said...

I once worked for a very successful man. When I fretted about where I was going within the company he told me these wise words, "Don't worry, the cream always rises to the top."

I'm trying to concentrate on my writing and quit worrying about making it to the NY Times bestseller list. Hey, but if my name shows up there, I won't ask them to take it down.