Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Man Ahead of His Time - History Tidbit

When I get lazy and don't want to think up some interesting blog, and not the bland stuff I place on my own blog, this is what I'll do. This is one of my history tidbits I did in 2004. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Your older brother "encouraged" you to leave Normandy and claim your right to the estates and earldom of Leicester. The nobles cried foul when you secretly married into the royal family. Your brother-in-law appointed you to be the seneschal of Gascony, then called you traitor when you proved you were too good at your job.

You are?

Simon de Montfort (1208?-1265) led the English barons against his brother-in-law, Henry III. He established a council comprised of knights and burgesses to advise the king. This was the groundwork of what later will become the modern day Parliament.

Simon’s wife was, Eleanor, the beautiful and youngest sister to Henry III. Their marriage was considered to be a love match.

During the 1200s, silks, satins, and velours were imported for the first time from the East.
For those that enjoyed A KNIGHT’S TALE movie may recognize the name Ulrich von Lichtenstein. The actual person lived in 1200s and was a poet and well-known jouster. If his opponent broke three lances on him, he would award them with a gold ring. He gave away 271 rings.

Though I love this period in history, I'm so glad I didn't live then. Wouldn't mind visiting, but not living there. Do you have a favorite time in history?


M.V.Freeman said...

The two time periods I've always liked is the middle-ages, the regency period, and colonial times.

Granted, the more I have learned about the reality, the more I prefer to fantasize rather than actually contemplate going back to that time.

Excellent post Carla! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

I meant the three time periods I've always liked.

I have to learn to edit better!

Diane Richmond said...

One of my favorite wish book games is if you could go back to any time in history, what would you choose and why?

I have settled on Roman times, America, during the Revolutionary War and Mid-evil times. All fascinating to observe (from the safety of my time machine), but none I would want to remain in permanently.