Friday, January 02, 2009

Is Time Changing?

Although it is a New Year it isn't daylight savings time yet--or at least I don't think it is already here; but I may be wrong.

It seems, that I have somehow lost track of time. When I was a child, it seemed like it was an eternity between Halloween and Christmas. I patiently watched the calendar, willing the holidays to come. It was never quick enough. Now, I am holding on to Thanksgiving, pleading for a few more days in November, before sliding headfirst into the New Year, with barely a nod at Christmas.

Where did the year go? It seems like it was just Easter. Now, it is a new year and a whole new opportunity to start all over again.

I'll not bore you with my resolutions. I'll try my best to keep them, but suspect that the 20 lbs following me around will still be there next year at this time. Still, I do have one goal that will enable me to fulfill all my others. I WILL TRY TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

I am resolved to live each day to its fullest, avoiding distractions and savoring what each hour brings. Like a child, I will live in the NOW. This is my promise to myself this year. If I am successful, if I am not distracted, and if I can concentrate on what is happening at any given moment, I should be able to accomplish many things.

I am hopeful about what this year will bring. I will not look beyond what I am doing at the present, looking forward to something down the road and ignoring what's happening today. I will savor the experiences at hand like a fine wine meant for sipping.

I think I will find, by doing this, that time doesn't speed by without my notice. It merely moves along at the same rate all through the year. Perhaps, I will even find myself impatiently waiting, during the time after Halloween, for Christmas to appear, just like I did as a child.


Naima said...

Awesome, Diane! I know exactly what you mean. Especially this year for some reason, it all just flew by. I just added another resolution to my list: Live in the now. I'm following your example. I don't want to miss what's happening now because I'm looking behind me or too busy worrying about what's in front of me. I love it! Thanks for the reminder and Happy New Year!!

Carla Swafford said...

I know I try my best to enjoy each moment and be thankful. I work real hard at it. But that little German voice in my head tells me (in English), "Worry about this that you have no control over! Worry about that you cannot do over!" Well, I keep smothering her with my CD of The Secret, but did you know, that booger just won't shut up?

M.V.Freeman said...

What a timely post!, today, I have sat here in my bed, as my kids play and listened to the rain. It was lovely.

It's the small things that I savor- and I agree, we need to do them more!

(Carla, I had to laugh, I understand that annoying voice all too well!)

Happy New Year all

JoAnn said...

I saw some Christmas cocktail napkins imprinted with the words "Didn't we just do this?" I was tempted to buy every package they had.

Very wise words, Diane, and a very doable resolution. I am going to try to do that too. But the same voice that speaks to Carla lives at my house when he's not whispering to Carla. So I may not be too successful. But I WILL try!

Diane Richmond said...

Thanks, Guys. If you hear me talking about, or wishing for, things to come, remind me of this post. As I sat at my computer, here in the rain, I found myself wishing for summer. Now, how long did that resolution last?

Christy Reece said...

Excellent post, Diane! Living and working toward tomorrow is what I've been all about for the last two years. I know I've missed some wonderful moments along the way. Ones I should have stopped and treasured.

Thanks for the reminder to slow down, take a joyful breath and appreciate the here and now.

Happy and healthy new year to all!