Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inspire me

I admit it. I didn’t realize I was supposed to talk today.

Since I had nothing prepared, let’s talk movies again. Last time, I wrote about the movie, Once. This is a story about two people who share the love of music. Okay, so they don’t end up happily ever after (maybe a little too realistic for those of us who want to see them get the dream AND the girl/boy!)

We write about romance and love because we love those satisfying endings. I also love the inspiring stories like Cinderella Man, where the hero (in this case), with the support of his loved ones, is able to attain his dream against the most insane obstacles. I’m addicted to these inspiring stories.

Cinderella Man, the story about boxer Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe rocks in this role!) is easily one of the best movies I’ve seen. And it’s about boxing! Go figure! To see the amazing things people are capable of doing when backed against a wall, I can’t help but be inspired. Ultimately, stories like these keep me going on my trek toward publication. With perseverance and support, anything is possible.

What keeps you going?

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M.V.Freeman said...

What keeps me going is a combination of things, fear of failure, the need to tell a story, and like Jim Braddock, to get my back away from the wall! (I loved Cinderella Man)