Sunday, December 21, 2008

That Mysterious Line

Where is it? That line that marks the end of "no news is good news" and the beginning of "no news means no thanks"?

Don't get me wrong -- I know I'm not there yet. My manuscript has only been gone a couple of months; a blink of an eye in the publishing time-space continuum. But I can't help but wonder that as more time passes without a word, my chances of getting a "yes" from the publisher and agent lessen dramatically.

Does it ever happen? Have you ever heard of a publisher buying a manuscript after having it for months with no communication with the writer?


Carla Swafford said...

I can't remember who it was, but as I do on occasion, I was reading some new author's blog. She'd sold to some big publishing house when she received a call from another big publishing house about a full she'd submitted, telling her they were interested in buying it. She had to ask which manuscript. LOL! It turned out to be one she'd sent in two years before and not the one she sold already. They were going through the slush pile (though it had been requested) and came across it.

So for those I've been waiting for 1-3 years to hear from? I keep thinking...any day now.

Thankfully the majority I hear back from in six months or less.

M.V.Freeman said...

I met an author this last year, who is newly published. She had a manuscript bouncing around for months and months before getting the call. (Wouldn't that be funny if it was the same Author, Carla!)

From what I can see--there is no hard and fast rule. :)

Hang in there....! :)(Like I should talk, I have the same anxities)

Diane Richmond said...

I'm going for no news is good news! It is almost the New Year and time for you to hear good things. Be patient. It will come.

Happy New Year