Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inner Voice or Hindsight?

Tuesday I was speaking to someone in the counseling profession about communication. He told me about a communication exercise that really got me thinking. While facing you friend/spouse/etc., talk to them for two minutes. At the end of that time, ask them to repeat what you said. This is not only a way to find out if someone is listening to you, but also an exercise to help improve communication in a relationship that may be having trouble.

I’m wondering how I can use this exercise to hear my inner voice better.

When I knew there was no possible way to make the GH deadline, I entered it anyway, only to end up stressed out and crushed when I didn’t quite reach it (for those who know I entered the GH, I finished the book but not the synopsis in time, and the other book not at all).

So when my inner voice is telling me x, y, and z, why am I already pondering my rebuttal of a, b, and c?

My inner voice is never wrong so I’m not sure why I don’t listen to it. Or is this just hindsight and how can one tell the difference?


Christine said...

I think setting a goal, even when you're thinking I'll never make it in time, is better than no goal at all. You FINISHED THE BOOK. Okay, re-enter next year with the synopsis...


And that is worth patting yourself on the back... for those of us who aren't published, these contest deadlines are good practice toward working in the published world.

I like to ignore my inner voice-it usually tells me I CAN'T DO IT... sounds an awful lot like my non-edifying mother.

Ignoring it has gotten me a lot further than listening to it -- at least when it comes to writing in a complete vacuum of no publishing awards, recognition and lots of nice little rejection notes.


Karen Beeching said...

Thanks, Christine. Looking at it that way, I think you're absolutely right!

Christine said...

You're welcome. I also entered the GH. My MS was in tatters as I was in the middle of revising it. I polished the first 48 pages, redid the synopsis (which I HATE to write on the best of days--so it is not great), and I copied the mess over to a new doc, cut all my scene skeleton remarks and didn't even try to finish the end again. I printed the pages necessary to the contest. That was it--mailed it as it was on a computer disk. Seriously it is a mess after page 48-- but--someone told me not to worry and keep polishing the rest now on the chance I might final and someone requests it. Honestly, Karen, I doubt I'll final. But mailing the POS off made me feel good just the same.

I'm learning the mantra--"good enough" is better than "not at all" -- then I sent off the first 25 pages to the Linda Howard AOE --at the deadline (who knows? this could be the one).

I told myself I could resubmit it next year along with another POS that will be in revision.


So you finished your book and now you can redo your synopsis and then you can prep it for next year and have it ready to go LONG before the deadline.

You'll be ahead of the game.

Or published! And then you won't have to enter at all.

Have a very good holiday -- you deserve it!

Christy Reece said...

Karen, you DID good things with your manuscripts. Give yourself credit for this! You're much further along now than you would be if you hadn't pushed yourself.

Take a deep breath, feel pride in what you've accomplished and move forward. Finish up what needs to be done, submit those babies and start on your next great project.

On those voices, I have two also. One tells me I can't do it (whatever IT is) and the cautionary voice tells me what is or isn't the right thing to do. Sadly, they often sound the same or the negative voice shouts much louder.

I don't have an answer for you on how to recognize which one is which. What I will tell you is that you have a goal, you know what you must do to pursue that goal. So pursue it for all it's worth and don't look back!