Sunday, December 07, 2008

Humbug, Anyone?

I am distracted. Even more than usual. A few weeks ago, Karen blogged about Thanksgiving and asked what we were thankful for. I wanted to answer, but I was so distracted I couldn't think straight. I mean, I know I am grateful for a lot of stuff. I just couldn't articulate it at the moment.

I still can't. I feel myself being pulled in ten thousand directions. I'm worried about my day job. I'm worried about my night job (the one that I took because I'm worried about my day job). I'm worried about my daughter overseas (riots in Greece, poisonous pork in Ireland). I'm worried about my 401K and my day-to-day finances.

And I can't find my Christmas tree. We bought a new artificial one last year, and I don't know where we put it.

There's usually a moment during all the pre-Christmas chaos that the quiet serenity of the reason for the holiday lifts me above all the madness. At that point, I am able to cope.

I'm ready for it. Right now.


Carla Swafford said...

As you know, there are many things you cannot do anything about. Those are the things you must ignore anyway you can.

Pink pills are good.

Christine said...

I know--I was so distracted by the economic meltdown right after our move--we're so tied to the defense industry--the whole thing almost paralyzed me. But writing is the only way I can cope with the nightmare.

I had a friend's husband decide to go for his own business instead of going for the "sure thing" of another job, and I thought... nothing is really sure. So I'm glad he went for it.

The only thing that is "sure" for me is the love I feel around me and for others, the true compassion of people all over the world, and the fact that if I am willing to suspend fear, I will be blessed.

But I am a worrier, so I know I know, how hard it is to believe it when one is in the midst of the personal ACK ATTACK.