Saturday, November 15, 2008

GMC. No, not the car!

Every writer, published or unpublished, adheres to the formula of GMC: Goal. Motivation. Conflict. It's like the E=MC² of a writer's world. When I started writing with the goal of becoming published, the only GMC I'd ever heard of was the van my sister and I shared during college! Even now, years later, I struggle with it. What does my character want to achieve? What drives her to keep reaching for this goal? And, finally, what internal or external pitfalls try to prevent her from attaining the goal? Whew! Who knew writing was so much more than putting words to paper!

So, that started me thinking...what is my GMC? Short term, it goes a little something like this:

Goal: To get my husband to sleep under the covers instead of on top.
Motivation: The thought of remaining warm a whole night through.
Conflict: His hot nature and my cold nature. He gets hot very easily, therefore his need to sleep on top of the covers while I wrench my arms out of socket trying to pull the bedspread up from under his dead weight.

We've been married eight years so I know from experience this will work itself out somewhere around Spring. But, my long term GMC is different. My goal is to become a published writer. My motivation is one day having a career I love instead of just a job that pays the bills. My conflict is that voice that whispers words of doubt and discouragement about not being good enough. Or being too shy. Or not being creative or smart enough to come up with idea after idea for manuscripts. It's the fear of succeeding. My conflict can keep me paralyzed, fingers hovered over the keyboard and unable to write for days at a time.

But, as in all romance novels, there's resolution. There's resolution in knowing that if I keep pushing, pressing towards that goal, the same God that imprinted the gift on my soul in the first place will provide all that I need when I need it--whether it's words, courage, the gift of gab or creativity. As long as I keep putting my hands to where I am now, perfecting and increasing what I was given, nothing in this world is impossible and unattainable.

Goal. Motivation. Conflict. It keeps the writer focused. But, the resolution keeps you hopeful.


M.V.Freeman said...

This is so true!
It's a constant battle, but you are right the resolution is what we as writers strive for.

Here's to you as you strive each day toward your writing goals! I'm for you and with you!


Naima said...

I return your salute! LOL! Thanks and I'm hanging in there. I figure as long as I keep moving, I'm working towards the goal!