Saturday, October 04, 2008

Writing While Traveling

This week I am going on vacation with my family.

Is it a good thing?

Sure it is. I like traveling in a car with 2 kids under the age of 11, being the navigator for my husband, Mr. Transformer himself. (He regrets the fact that we have two daughters, and we must stop every hour or two because--gee, a bottle just doesn't count as a bathroom).

Seriously, it will be nice to spend time with my family. I've been working way too long and I do need time just to be. Plus, I get to listen my kids as they sing new versions of the old songs I used to sing as a child--it's hilarious.

I brought my computer to write on when we drove, but most likely I'll be looking at the scenery (prevents that dastardly car sickness)--and lets face it, I really like seeing what's out there. Plus, It's a nice crutch. I keep thinking I will actually write--if I do great, if not, that is fine, I'll call it "ruminating".

Will I write? Not sure, but I am hoping for inspiration.

How do you write on trips? Do you take a break? Do you write more?
Do you just enjoy the journey?

I'll tell you when I get back, if I did get any writing done.

Note: I apologize if this is not on my right day, I have two dates Oct 4 or Oct 6. I am conflicted. So I decided to throw this in now. If I wrote on someone elses day...please take my place--and accept my sincerest apologies. ;)

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