Sunday, October 12, 2008

Triumph, Tragedy, & Travel

Triumph, those things that encourage, inspire, and make us feel good.
Tragedy, this makes us (0r me) appreciate the triumphs.
Travel, something that helps me see the world, and give me perspective.

So, what is my Triumph---I have been asked to write an article for a gaming magazine, it doesn't matter that I haven't even played a role playing game for over 20 years. It still makes me feel good that they think I can.

My Tragedy--I was given a glorious rejection by Nocturne. Form letter. Yay. (OK, so I am still in the sarcastic mode). I'm brushing it off, I am moving forward. Many of you have written about being positive and to just hang in there and WRITE --I am embracing those thoughts and implementing them.

Finally, Travel.
I survived, my children survived, my husband survived. Now, I need a vacation from this vacation--and no, I did not get ANY writing done. I'll just use my "ruminating" excuse. Still, it helped me appreciate home and my writing time.

So what is your Triumph, Tragedy and Travel? :)

Carla, thanks for the idea you had about when to post our blogs. This will definitely help me, because I am notoriously late or early ......


JoAnn said...

My Triumph: It actually sits in the garage. A 79 Triumph Spitfire. It doesn't run, so it has become a storage unit. (Okay, it's really my husband's.)

My Travel: Had a lovely weekend reunion at Lake Mitchell with three fabulous women I worked with years ago. Very rejuvenating and inspiring.

I'm skipping Tragedy for now. Things are looking up, writing-wise, and I want to stay positive.

Hugs on the R. But it sounds like you have a great attitude--keep writing!

M.V.Freeman said...

I love your Triumph & Travel, and thank you for the encouragement, I certainly will continue onward.

So, what color is the spitfire? (Shows you how much I know)