Friday, September 12, 2008

Southern Magic's Contests

Check out our Website for the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence for published authors and the Linda Howard Award of Excellence for unpublished authors! They're taking entries now.


MaryF said...

Thanks for sharing the contests! We were just talking about it today.

Plus, I want to say it was great to see you and Karen at the HOD meeting.

There is never enough time to spend with fellow writers!

Mary Snyder said...

Southern Magic Chicks! I'm so excited to 'see' y'all in the blog world. It's me, your ex-member / token non-fiction writer chick -- Mary Snyder.
Hello to all -- I do miss your faces. I've been writing like mad -- still advocating for the abused children and now, I'm blogging, too. Not just the personal stuff, but I'm also the blogger for Girl's GetAway Cruise -- it's just a blast!

Y'all pop over and see me sometime. I'm off to look at your blogs.....

Mary said...

Oops -- looks like I didn't put in the right linkie thing.

Here it is