Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So What Does This Mean?

I'm a big believer that nothing happens for a reason. That everything in the universe has a place and purpose for being here. I think that goes along with my faith that someone far greater than man is in charge of everything. Often unexplainable things happen and we strive to understand what can't be understood by mere mortals.

So where I am going with such a weighty and controversial premise? Simply this. I have a lizard living in my office. It's been here almost a week. I found it crawling around in my bathroom next to my office and tried to capture it and put it outside. It's a little faster than me...say about two zillion times faster, so needless to say it stayed. So I closed the bathroom door, thinking my brilliant husband would come home and have a brilliant idea on how to remove our new house guest. Before he could get home, little lizard slipped under the bathroom door and joined me in my office. Was I a little distracted? Yes, a bit.

I opened a window hoping it would understand that that's where it's supposed to live. Instead, a fly flew in. So I'm thinking, uh, no way am I letting a fly stay in the house. However, before I could do anything, said fly became little lizard's dinner. And what can I say? I fell in love.

Now my new friend, who by the way is named Okra because she looks like a tiny spear of okra, is my companion. My husband, who would never admit publicly, is even more tender hearted than I am, asks repeatedly on Okra's welfare. He provided turtle/lizard food and suggested I put out some water. Okra now climbs all over my desk and wall and seems to feel quite comfortable in her new home.

My dogs have seen her and aren't upset. My husband seems fascinated by her and I've gotten quite attached to her.

So getting back to my original premise that all things happen for a reason. There's got to be a reason for Okra. But why?


Crystal-Rain Love said...

Such a cute story. I'm surprised your dogs haven't attacked it. Mine would have had the poor little guy for a snack. Why did it happen? Maybe someone thought you needed a little friend.

Christy Reece said...

Crystal, you may be right. You can't have too many friends and some of my best friends have four legs!

Great to see you on the blog!

SaturnMoonie said...

Wow that is such a sweet story, I wish I could share your enthusiasm...but I have a lizard phobia LOL So I couldn't imagine having a lizard in my house. I would probably run out and refuse to re-enter my home till the little bugger was dead and gone, and even then, I may want to move, but hey that's just me. :S

Carla Swafford said...

Stress reliever. :-) We get lizards in our house about one every two years. Steve picks it up by its tail and carrys it outside. I would prefer a puppy dog as a pet myself. Maybe when I quit traveling so much. That should be when I'm in my 80's --- many, many years from now.

Karen Beeching said...

How sweet is this story? I agree, Christy, some of my best friends have four legs.

She must be there to inspire you in some way. :)

Christy Reece said...

Saturnmoonie, Okra is just too tiny and cute to be scared of her. However, if she were larger, I'd probably have to consider limiting her ability to crawl all over my desk. That might be a bit too much!

Christy Reece said...

Carla, she is a stress reliever, though I'm a little concerned that she's not eating her food. However, I haven't seen any spiders or other bugs lately, so she might be just helping herself whenever she gets in the mood.

I hope you can get a four legged friend soon. Don't know what I'd do without mine.

Christy Reece said...

Karen, she has inspired me but I do find myself a bit distracted trying to figure out where she is. I really really don't want to sit on her!

Christy Reece said...

It's with a sad heart that I announce that Okra has left the building.

She was scratching at the window this afternoon and I opened the window for her. I thought either a plump fly would arrive and give her much needed nourishment or she would take the opportunity to leave. The moment she sensed freedom, she was gone.

We're all sad here, but hoping Okra's found her some nice juicy bugs for a weekend feast.

And I think she was definitely inspiration. I've written more today than I've written in months. Yay for Okra. Thanks and I'll never forget you!

M.V.Freeman said...

Oh, I am sorry to see Okra go, but it did it's job--Inspired.

Now, would it count all the critters my kids bring in the house??? LOL
Probably not...*sigh*