Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dream Motivation

What gets you to write?

As Christy wrote, there are plenty of things (all important) that distract you (ok, so my Spider Solataire is not necessarily in that category). Still, work, home, etc. All interefere.

What drags you back to the page?

Amusingly enough, for me, it was a dream.

Now, I love to dream. Sometimes my best story ideas come from dreams, and one time I actually got a WHOLE story (that I wrote down). Unfortunately, I can go to bed thinking about my current story and never, ever, dream of it. I have one friend who does dream about the story she is writing which helps her. I have another who actually wakes up with the scene she needs to write. What do I get? Other stories..which really doesn't help my particular predicament, well, until last night.

As some of you know, I have managed to send off a partial to Nocturne (which does not guarantee anything) but, I am trying to finish the book. Its taken me since August to write 20 pages. Sad, but true. Last night, I was in the doldrums about it, and went to bed. A very dangerous thought surfaced: "Why bother to finish..." this is an evil thought and should be battled with all your resources. So, I went to sleep.

I had a dream that I got an email saying: Congratulations, I (Some dream editor named Amanda) am buying your book, but I know that you are still writing the book, so I am giving until November 25th to finish it. (there was more, but you know dreams).

I awoke with the date November 25th just stuck in my head. I was highly amused about the definitive date my subconscious put in there. I pretty much set up my own deadline. (Hey, it may not be a scene, but it pushed me to write!)

Will my book be bought? That would be cool, but really, I have to finish it and my subconscious gave me a swift kick in the rear. I no longer have the "Oh, why bother...." attitude.

I'm just grateful, I am going back to the thing and not letting this story also fall into the the pile of unfinished manuscripts.

So, I come back to this question: What brings you back to face the blank page?


Carla Swafford said...

I've written dreams down before, but never a whole book worth. Some would say your spirit guide is trying to tell you something. I think you better listen. :-)

MaryF said...

Yep, I better listen. I figure this is the closest thing to a two-by-four to the head...LOL

Angel said...

What has motivated me to write over the past year? Well, the ugly realization that I wasn't getting much done. That a week could go by and I'd have nothing written. Not good.

So I determined that this would be the year that I WROTE. period. And I have. I keep a printed calendar on which I write down what I've done each day. Some days, there are no writing entries, but I only allow that if it is replaced by actual work (I run a part-time business). Otherwise, there better be something writing related or a page count in that little square.

Between that determination and some pretty awesome friends who are helping me out with accountability (thanks, Mary!!!), I feel like I'm coming a long way in the consistency department.

That is beyond encouraging. :)

MaryF said...

And thank you too Angel, because believe me, without your help, that partial would still be on my computer with me staring at it mutely.--kinda scary if you think about it.

I like your idea about writing down...every day what you write. Now that's something that really lets you know what you've done or haven't done.

What else do other people do?

Julie J. said...

I write because I believe someday someone will actually call me and say we want to publish your book. Now with that said, I have learned in the last two months that the best motivation for getting a consistent amount of writing done every day is your husband telling you that you might have to go back to work and get a full time job. There is nothing like the prospect of having no time to finish your book to really shake you up and set your priorities in line. Also, I recently took the advice of one my wonderful Romance Magician fellow bloggers and set myself a mini goal of ten pages a day. This has really made all the difference for me.

MaryF said...

LOL, I understand that motivation--find a job or write, sadly, I have to work. Ah, the joys of paying bills. 10 pages a day...hmm, some days that doable.

And I also agree, that our fellow writers are wonderful to keep us moving forward. Salute to you all! :)

Christy Reece said...

Wow, I wish I could dream about my stories. I have, on occasion, gone to sleep and woke up with a plot problem resolved. Never have I dreamed, at least none that I've remembered, about what I'm writing.

What gets me back to writing is hard to say. When my characters finally start talking to me instead of each other, I get excited and can write. Until then, it's just a lot of eavesdropping!

MaryF said...

I love the picture Christy!

I identify with the eaves dropping--but its fun to watch the characters bicker. LOL