Monday, September 08, 2008

Busy Working


Every day I wake with optimism and energy, ready to tackle my current project. My head, heart and gut know where I want to go in my story. I see my characters clearly and they're gosh, these people can talk! Only problem is, they're not talking to me. So, to give them some space...obviously they're the driven type, you know the, 'Don't bother me until I'm ready to talk to you.' type, I sit around and wait patiently until they're ready to tell me their story. Can't you just hear me gently tapping my feet? See me with a patient, but encouraging smile on my face?

So what's a writer to do in the meantime? Why there are all sorts of ways a writer can stay busy and still get nothing accomplished. Believe me, I know! I feel a bit guilty sharing these things with you. Kind of like when you were in school and someone whispered that they had something to show you or give you behind the bleachers or field house. Of course, it was never good and no, I never went. I was way too scared. Suddenly, I'm one of those people!

So here goes. My busy list of things to do to keep from writing.

1. Publishers' Market Place. Since I have to pay for this service, I should get as much benefit out of it as possible. Right? You can do all sorts of wonderful searches!

2. Google your name. Amazing what you can come up with about yourself.

3. Amazon. Did you know they recommend books for you based upon your buying preference? How nice is that? They've gone to all that trouble, the least I can do is see what they think I might like to read.

4. Facebook. This is a new one for me. A week or so ago, I had 7 friends. I now have almost 200. I have become the queen 'busy' bee of invites!

5. My publisher's website. I was so excited to see they've listed me and two of my books. I even have my own ISBN! So I go to the site frequently just to see if something else has happened.

6. Review sites. I go to one or two regularly. I read the reviews and find myself wondering if I should recommend to Amazon some more recommendations for me. Maybe they don't know everything I like.

7. This blog. I visit it several times a day. To see if any one's blogged or to read comments. I kept going back to it today, wondering if the person who was supposed to blog was ever going to blog. Then I realized it was my day!

8. Set up Google alerts for your name, name of your books, or anyone and anything you might be interested in knowing more about. Amazing what kinds of stuff you get or where it will lead you.

9. Other author's websites. I want to see what's new with my favorite authors. I have to keep up with their new releases. I can't rely on Amazon to supply all of my reading choices, can I?

10. Looking at my photos online. I had head shots taken last week. The last time I had my picture take professionally was more than ten years ago. I've changed since then and have been denial until now. You know that saying, "The camera doesn't lie"? I've been going to the site two or three times a day just to see if maybe there was one that at least fibbed a bit. So far, they're all glaringly truthful!

There you have it. While I wait for my stubborn characters to reveal their story to me, these are my new vices. I know there have to be more I've not discovered, so feel free to share yours with me. And for those of you who pick up new vices because of this blog, I humbly apologize, but remember, I did warn you.


Carla Swafford said...

I have to say, yours are more productive than mine. One that I really wish I would delete again (yep, I deleted it off my old computer but not this one) - it's SPIDER SOLITAIRE!

Christy Reece said...

Carla, it helps if you're not very good with games. I'm not, so I don't play that often. Otherwise, that would probably be #11.

SaturnMoonie said...

Sims 2, that's my addiction, you should try it lol.

At first it wasn't so bad, I could take it or leave it, but then they started coming out w/ expansion packs, and suddenly I could send my sim to college, get them their own business, take them downtown to a club, take them on vacation or honeymoon, give them hobbies, pets, then they had change of weather (the snow is too cute), there's vampires that will bite you and hence you too will become undead, witches, wolfs that if you get bitten by will turn you into a werewolf. You see? This is the problem, it's so cool, it's like living your own life, except you don't have to leave your house, and you get turned inot a vampire. Oh and some of my sims write novels too, and when you're done the phone rings and you get a check (the amount depends on whether it was a good novel or not)

Yes I know I'm obsessed, I need S.A (Sims Anonymous)


Christy Reece said...

Jen, I've never heard of Sims. I probably need to stay far away from it though, because it sounds like too much fun. And vampires too. Wow!

Karen Beeching said...

I check the blog a few times a day just to see if anyone has anything to say. I also do numerous other items on your list, Christy. I'm hoping when I start my new job I don't have that kind of time, to be honest.

Christy Reece said...

That's the worst part. I don't have that kind of time. I HAVE to finish this book by the end of the year. What am I thinking? I've got to get off line, now!

JoAnn said...

Why is it that we -- who LOVE to write, who HAVE to write, who THINK about writing all the time, will do almost anything NOT to write?

A sickness, no doubt.

Good luck, Christy!

Christy Reece said...

JoAnn, you're right and a wonderful sickness it is! My confession has somehow helped me. I'm suddenly writing again. WooHoo!!!

MaryF said...

LOL, Christy,
Yes, I have my own little things to do that keep me away from writing. *sigh*
Sims is a pretty cool game, hence, I avoid it, but Spider Solatiare...I have been sucked into that.

Christy Reece said...

Mary, hope you don't learn any new vices from me!

MaryF said...

Certainly not Christy, you are always inspiring...but wait...I must admit there are some pretty nifty things that you were

LOL, its amazing what we find to distract us.

Like now...I better write! :P