Friday, August 08, 2008

Too-doo-doo...(Insert Clueless Whistle Here)

For the first time since beginning to blog, I am--gasp!--dare I say it? Stumped. I have no clue what to write about. I didn't go to Nationals in San Francisco--the closest I came to the Golden Gate Bridge was the Golden Arches of McDonald's. And well, let's face it...that's just not the same. Although, I did attend the plot party at my chapter meeting and discovered that when you put 10 writers together in a room, they can come up with some pretty...umm...interesting ideas. Murder, cowpies and every word imaginable that rhymes with "gritty". And all this without the benefit of even one glass of Merlot!

Fun, definitely. But, it still doesn't solve my dilemma.

I could write about the gi-normous spider that fell out the file I was working on at work. And how after I stomped the little eight-legged freak into the hereafter, I nearly knocked myself unconscious by spraying a whole can of Raid in my itty-bitty cubicle. But after six hits of the 'ol asthma inhaler and two hours of inhaling bug spray, it's all kinda hazy...

So...still searching...

Oh, right! I could share how my husband completely surprised me with Sherrilyn Kenyon's new release "Acheron". And, later, when we got home I thanked him by...Whoa! Okay, deep-six that one. My Daddy might read this!!

So, I still have zilch to write about.

And, yet, I am amazed at myself. I'm a writer...and I wrote about absolutely nothing! I made NOTHING interesting!!

Now, THAT takes talent!


Carla Swafford said...

You can call it your Seinfeld blog.

I have problem with critters in my cube at work too. All that paper and boxes. Yuck!

Hope you're okay now.

Julie J. said...

I thought this blog was hilarious. Especially, the Golden Arches comment. It definitely takes talent to write about nothing and make it interesting. Good work!