Saturday, August 09, 2008


I complain too much.


What do I complain about? Things like...
  • My job-that I spend 90% of my waking life there and is very stressful and prevents me from writing
  • That I don't have enough time to write--because of dishes, laundry, etc.
  • When I do write I feel like I can't seem to string a sentence together.
  • Drivers that cut me off.
  • That I can't write fast enough....

Do you see a theme here? Most of it is about writing, its about what I feel is my inability or interference with my writing.

Guess what.... I have to suck it up.

I read once where you have to take the circumstances of your life and work them. There will ALWAYS be people who do better than me, write faster, more beautifully, better plots, more gripping stories, make more money writing etc...I have to work with what I have. That's all I've got.

Bottom line, I want to write, I have to write, I will write.

So, here's my promise to myself: NO MORE COMPLAINING (sarcastic quips are accepted, but not this "whoa is me" junk). I am going to move FORWARD not backward, irregardless of what I encounter.

What do you wrestle with? What are you willing to change?

I am going to check in in a week or two and tell you if it works, let me know how it works for you.


Karen Beeching said...

I do this with everything. If I'm at work, I want to be home writing. If I'm writing, I should be cleaning my house. If I'm cleaning my house, I should be mowing the yard. If I'm working outside, I should catch up on my reading. And when am I going to get that homework done?

Yes, it's horrible what we do to ourselves. I decided a few months ago to look at this thing I do in a more positive light. I only torture myself like this because I love so many things and I don't have enough time in the day to do them all.

I'm now trying to find that balance, to do a little bit of everything, and most importantly, to be happy with what I accomplish.

It's not easy.

Naima said...

I wrestle with procrastination. And being so hard on myself. Like Karen, when I'm at work, I want to be home writing, but when I get home, I look at the clock and say, okay, I'll start writing at 7:00. That'll give me enough time for dinner and quality time with the family and still get enough time in to write. But, then I'll start reading, look at the clock and say, Okay, I'll start writing at 8:00, that'll leave me two hours before I start getting ready for tomorrow. And the cycle is endless. And, then I get so down on myself for not writing enough.

But, I'm stopping that. Like you said, as long as I'm moving forward and not standing still, I'm still in there. I have to work on my discipline, but don't beat myself up when I slip every now and then. I am going to work on that procrastination, though. It's a bad habit and will only hinder me. Tell you what. In two weeks, I'll get back in touch with you and let you know how I've been improving on that! Great blog!

Julie J. said...

I fight with guilt that I'm taking time away from the kids to write. Like several other people, I also play the "I should be doing this instead" game. When I am writing I should be cleaning, or doing laundry or teaching my two year old the alphabet. I could go on forever. The point is I am happier when I write, so I think I am a better person when I write. I was having trouble finding time to write but I did one thing recently that really helped me. I called Charter and had them cancel all of our movie channels. Now, I am not a tv watcher on a regular basis but when I was done at the end of the night with all the house and kid things I was turning to the tv and surfing the channels from about 10:00 to 11:00. This took my precious writing time away, so I cut the addiction off at the source. I think it is working great so far. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if I'm still happy with my decision.

Luckymom said...

Doesn't it just sometimes seem that everything is a struggle. There are days when I don't even get to shower. (Ewww...Perhaps I need to move hygiene up on my priority list!)

I think I am going to take your cue and forge ahead with my blogging. Despite being over-scheduled and sleep deprived, I will strive to post a least once a week.

Thanks for the inspirational "suck it up" reality check!

MaryF said...

Thank you all for your in put, it encourages me, and I realize (happily so) that I am not the only one that struggles with this.

Now, I have no excuses...LOL