Saturday, July 26, 2008

Semi-Colon Addiction

I'm at war with semi-colons.

I use them instead of periods or commas. Heck, I use them just because (and that it's easy to type them).

I didn't realize it was an issue until I started getting my partial corrected and ready to send out. I realized, I had a love affair, addiction to the dratted semi-colon.

I think in twelve pages I used about twenty. I am not kidding.

I also found out, I liked the word "was" way too much.

What is wrong with me? I thought I could write coherently, but apparently when I am in the throes of trying to get it all on paper, I just forget all sorts of rules.


That's why there is editing, more editing, peer review....and another edit or two.

It is quite humbling.

What do you wrestle with? What bothers you the most when you write? Is it commas? Semi-colons? Is it mostly grammar? Story? or a mix of both?


Carla Swafford said...

Hey, Mary, I didn't see one semi-colon, so you must be improving. :-)

Mine is telling instead of showing. Though I'm working on it and hopefully improving.

When I judge contests, I see lots of writers using ellipses way too much.

MaryF said...

LOL, I really made sure I did not use them. Its awful, I'm on page 21 of my partial and I feel like I've been running amok!

Ellipses..that may be by next project...ha ha. (Oh and this....period thing..geez!!)

Well, a writer's work is never done! :) *snicker*

Julie J. said...

Grammar! I just want to create the story and let someone else worry about the grammar. I realize this is a fantasy!