Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

Today we are in Chattanooga, TN with our ten year old grandson who is visiting from California.

On this, the Independence Day of our nation, I am also reminded of other types of independence. These are not as momentous as our separation from England, but they are none the less major milestones in our personal lives.

Since we haven't seen our grandson for 4 years, I was surprised to see how much he has grown in that time. At six he was a little boy, eager to be held, cuddled and hold my hand. Now, he may pretend that he doesn't know us when he is out in public. Today, on our boat ride down the Tennessee River Gorge, he took a seat on the opposit side of the boat. I started to insist that he sit with us but realized that he was showing his independence in a safe environment where we could still keep him in sight. So, I reluctantly let him have his space.

Tonight, I am struggling to stay awake long enough to complete this blog. We got up at the crack of dawn, with him already in overdrive. Each place that we visited was explored at the speed of lightning, barely slowing down for a bathroom break. We were not even out the door of one place before he was asking about the next. He is a good boy. Not demanding or hard to handle, but excited to explore each new thing as quickly as possible.

Which brings to mind the last type of independence. The independence that we, as grandparents, have from the day to day responsibility and care of these young people. I say thank goodness for Independence Day.

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MaryF said...

ah yes, independence ten year old is attempting to find hers; with make up and high heels. Unfortunately, its still a benevolant dictatorship and she'll get to do that MUCH later on in life.

Good luck and have fun with your grandson (don't you wish you could bottle that energy?)