Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18 Finding the time

I have spent a good ten years of my life in the working world searching for what kind of work would thrill me, entice me, inspire me, make me not look at the clock and wonder when the day would be over and make me say I love my work. When I finally found this holy grail of a job I also became pregnant with my first child. I love to write. I thrive when I write. It's like breathing. It feels natural as if I was born to do it. When I am writing I can loose myself and the time completely.

Now that I have found what I love to do, I feel I simply don't have the time. I finished my first book while pregnant and in the early months of child number one. Then I never had the time to try and get it published. One day an idea for a second book hit me and I could not turn away. I am half way through book number two, but I also have child number two.

I try to write a little here and there, but it is simply not enough. I need time, the most precious of commodities. When I do take the time away from my kids I feel guilt and accomplishment. This book could be the one that finally garners THE CALL. How can I give that up and where oh where can I find the time to complete it? Sometimes I wonder if I'm lacking motivatin. Perhaps if I had more motivation I would stay up until midnight every night and live on five hours of sleep. I have tried this, but I am no party to be around without my eight hours of sleep!

My question is this: how do each of you find the time to write in your busy lives?


MaryF said...

I didn't start writing seriously till my son was 5. Honestly, I couldn't imagine trying. And they grow up so fast, I know what you mean about the guilt.

My suggestion is a schedule. I don't know if you work, but even working on a schedule with your kids will help. Writing after their bedtime, for instance. Pretty guilt free. Using Mother's Day Out, or a friend who can watch them a few hours a week.

If the people around you see how important writing is to you, they'll be willing to help - I hope.

Julie J. said...

Thanks for the advice. I have actually tried to write after their bedtime, but I am so darn tired, physically as well as mentally. Lately, I feel like I just want to sit on the couch and stare mindlessly at the tv. Yikes! Did I just say that?

MaryF said...

Honey, I don't have little kids and I feel like that. :)

Maybe writing early before they get up?

Carla Swafford said...

When my kids were small, I wrote early in the morning, late in the evenings, at ball practice, dance practice, clarinet get the idea. It would take me a year to finish a book, but I kept moving ahead.

One of the bigger things I did that was really hard was I quit worrying if my house was perfect. (Especially after my girls moved out and no longer pitching in with the housework.) There's dust everywhere and I don't care. I rather write.

JoAnn said...

I had a similar situation as Carla's. I wrote sitting in the carpool line, waiting for the voice lesson to finish, and when my youngest daughter starting dancing in a pub (that's another story! :-) I wrote there as well.

If you don't have a laptop -- I HIGHLY recommend it (or a similar portable, computer-ish writing device). If you can't afford one, keep a notebook and pen in your purse and write longhand if you have to.

I know what you mean about being so tired when your children go to bed. Many a night I fell asleep reading the bedtime story. I'm still trying to catch up on all the sleep I lost -- and my children are 20 and 23!

Good luck, Julie.