Sunday, June 22, 2008


Last week I took a vacation from writing. I was totally wiped out for no reason that I could find. Normal tasks seemed overwhelming and it was all that I could do to get through the day doing what minimally had to be done to keep the business and our house running. I do not know how I arrived at this place, but I decided to give myself the luxury of a vacation for one week. I would not feel guilty about the goals that I had set for myself, nor the embarrassment I would expect to feel on Monday at check-in when I hadn't written a single word.

For the first day or so I just enjoyed doing what I had to do and reveled in the creative stress free zone that I had placed myself in. Soon I found that my spirits were lifting and life looked much better. Without realizing it, I soon began to want to write but I reminded myself that I was on vacation.

I am happy to report that my holiday worked! Now, I can't wait to get back from vacation and start writing. I think that my little hiatus was healthy. Even though I didn't go anywhere, the little "break" was like a mental health day from what had begun to be toil instead of a creative outlet. I found it rejuvenating and I am raring to hit the computer with a renewed enthusiasm for my work in progress. Taking a step back made me realize how much writing is a part of me. Without it there was a void that nothing else filled. Now I know that a good "vacation" is priceless.


Naima said...

Hi, Diane!
It seems we're on the same wavelength! You are so right. If I'm not writing, it seems like there's something very important missing. It's really funny you should mention "vacation", because I've been on sort of a vacation myself from romance and have been writing some for my church. And, though I've been enjoying it, I miss romance and am so rejuvenated and ready to dive back into the tangle (both emotional and physical!) of my hero and heroine! Great blog!

Karen Beeching said...

My recent "vacation" was an entire YEAR. This is truly the longest I've ever been away from writing. Although it was much needed so I could take care of a family issue that needed almost 100% of my energy, I have been writing in spirit, and I'm happy to say when I start writing again (hoping in a few weeks) I nearly have this entire book already done in my head.

Sometimes we just need to take that time off from writing. What's important is that we always come back to it. :)

JoAnn said...

So glad you're refreshed, Diane!