Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Until I started writing about seven years ago, I never really thought about rewarding myself. With my corporate job, I relied on others to reward me with raises and bonuses. After I quit my job, it never occurred to me that if I was going to be rewarded for an achievement, other than the satisfaction of meeting a goal, I would have to take care of that myself.

I finished my first manuscript in May, 2002. That's been a while, but I don't believe I rewarded myself with anything other than telling everybody and their brother, cousin and everyone I could make eye contact with that I'd finished a book. However, the day I sent out my first two queries, I rewarded myself with Chinese food at the mall and a trip to the bookstore. Yes, I'm a simple girl at heart, but it made me happy.

I don't really remember all the rewards I've given myself over the years. I had to stop the rewards for sending out queries. I'd be in bankruptcy if I had continued to do that. However, every time I finish another manuscript, I do a little something just for me. Chinese food is still one of my most frequent rewards, but I've branched out to allowing myself a few days of reading and not writing. Usually after about two days, I can't take the voices in my head anymore and have to start writing again, but I do look forward and treasure those rewards. Since I only write about two books a year, they don't happen that often.

What about you? When you complete a manuscript, send off a query letter, enter a contest or even get a rejection, how do you reward yourself for your accomplishments? Share all of them because I'm looking for some new, more exciting rewards.

Oh and yes, I admit. The day I sold, we had Chinese takeout. What can I say? I love cashew chicken and I'm still a simple girl at heart.


JoAnn said...

At this point in my life, just the satisfaction of accomplishment is my reward. However, I don't expect that too last. I'm a simple girl too, Christy, but I'm also a material girl.:-) I'm thinking I'll start off using a new pair of earrings as my reward. And then, when I start actually making some money, I will move to shoe rewards. And then a shoe closet.

Christy Reece said...

Oh wow, those are nice rewards. How fun!

I also used to reward myself with chocolate, but then I did that with rejections too. Ended up having chocolate every day, which meant it was no longer a reward but a habit. I bad habit at that! So had to stop.

MaryF said...

Ah, well, chocolate is what keeps me going.
I reward myself like you Christy; a few days of uninterrupted reading.

Or a go see a movie! :)

Diane Richmond said...

When I finish any project I feel so good that I have to tell anyone who will listen what I have done. I know now not to tell my family because they ask me every time that I hear from them if I have heard from my publisher. I love to reward myself by not writing for a couple of days too, but soon I feel the need to bang away on the computer.